Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More insane choices...

Why are there back to back posts about crazy choices?
Strange decisions made by seemingly logical women?
I feel a sudden frantic need to line up some health insurance, or at the very least, locate the nearest urgent care facility. OH NO!

As soon as I agreed to this I dropped my Running Friend (the one who is not Danielle) a text which indicated that I had needed to be talked into this absurdity... Guess I'm a liar?

As you can see it does not take much into talking me into something that could be quite physically detrimental to self. Have any of you met me? I am NOT coordinated. Trail running sounds like certain death and I just can not believe that I did not put up a fight....

Here is is. The BIG Event.
Another quality text from my Running Friend pointed out that the best thing about this race are the M&M's at the aid stations. To which I countered that there will also be free beer!

This will be quite an adventure. A big day in Big Pimpin' training.
Watch out New Gloucester. Looks like we're gonna take over your town with our hot as hell outfits, compression socks and ass kicking attitudes....


  1. I will say this! Your life is never boring. Have fun! Sometimes just deciding on an instant makes things that much more exciting. Or crazy. Or both.

  2. I have been wanting to do this race for years, I have heard such good things about it. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

  3. You are on a roll. Have fun with it.

  4. I love it! and I love your funny texts that always include INSANITY races that I could never run ;)

  5. I hoping to do the Canicross next year. Now I just need to get my dog running.