Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Multi tasking like a boss.

When you are training for an award winning, record setting, amazing in every way marathon you need to get your training in any way you can. Last week was decent in the mileage department especially when one considers the fairly awful weather, my early in the week cranky ankle and this little thing called a horse show that I had to scoot to for 3 days... Gosh! Work messing with my running? What? The good news is that my cousin was down for a 10 miler. I tricked him because I am conniving and sneaky and turned it into an 11 miler, heh heh. He has never run double digits before and he ROCKED IT OUT. BIG PIMPIN!!!! Finished with an 8:42 pace and it was easily my warmest run of the year so far. I know that 11 isn't technically long but it felt great, and was awesome to run with a friend on new roads!

I ran 1 he ran 10? No! Eleven miles done, and done!

Oh look. I'm excited. How very unusual.
I have been reunited with my favorite big sunglasses too. YAY!

Got to visit the Family while at the horse show.
We don't sit around much, but we do take yard sports very seriously.
It is rare to leave Can Jam unscathed....

Oh right. I was at a show!
Guess which boots are mine....

My barn mates and good friends! An EXCELLENT day!
Look at all those blue ribbons!

Typical end of the day barn party.
Dressage Queens know how to have a good time!


  1. Work interferes with my working out all the time! Darn. Good job at the horse show. One of my really good friends travels all over to horse shows but with draft horses.

  2. 11 miles, "not long"... That's some funny stuff right there...