Saturday, May 19, 2012

TWENTY! Big Pimpin Style...

I must admit that the best long runs for me are often unplanned. Indeed, I had planned for this run to be in the long-ish category but had no plans of doing my longest run ever on this particular day.
However, according to my training plan it was high time to crack out a 20, and since I hope to not end up disgraced at my first Marathon I knew it had to happen.

And happen it DID!
I headed out for a run late Thursday afternoon with the plan to run several towns over to my BFF's house! Running directly there would have been just a hair over 13 miles, over a mountain (as you can see) and then into the relatively flat area several towns over. I pretty much ran thru my town, skipped into Harrison, sprinted into Otisfield, put a toe into Norway, Saw the other side of Otisfield and finally made it to the booming metropolis of Oxford. Where I discovered that I still had daylight and was feeling oddly, weirdly GREAT casually tapped out a few bonus miles to make it an even 2-0.
And if prancing in a leisurely fashion across the 20 mile mark isn't straight up obnoxious that I don't know what is? 

I do not have twenty fingers so BFF helped out!

Nothing says friendship like being handed a HUGE glass of room temp water as soon as I crossed the threshold to her house. (totally serious here. lukewarm water and I are besties.) I felt pretty damn good, which is also obnoxious... She gave me a ride home (yay!) and I'm sure at that point I should have taken an ice bath, put on compression socks, refueled with chocolate milk, foamrolled, stretched and sung a n 80's power ballad. I did none of those things... I double fisted a beer and a Gatorade. I had a taco. And jumped into the shower because I was freezing and disgusting. Also, I felt fine the next day proving that recovering in a legit was is overrated..

Must admit, I'm feeling a little proud over here.

Also- little blog housekeeping note. "anonymous" users can now comment... Don't be an anonymous d-bag, OK?? :-) I know that some friends/fam want to comment though without the hassle of an account and now you can!


  1. Room temperature water is so much better than cold water after exercising. Cold water is hard to drink.

  2. Awesome job! I know your area fairly well for I use to teach/ski patrol at good old Shawnee Peak back in my younger days. Those "hills" are no joke so congrats on your multi-town adventure! And, I totally believe beer is a fabulous recovery drink!

  3. Sweet!! I know when I try and actually "sleep" the night before a race I oddly do better when I'm half awake. You are clearly meant to be a kick ass runner, so go forth and run! I am just happy I can limp through a 5k.

    And damn, a beer and a taco sound super good.

  4. i hate having ice in my water (although im still a firm believer in ice baths, go figure.... apparently my insides do not like ice baths). and youre awesome. that is all.

  5. Love the way you recovered!