Thursday, May 10, 2012

In which I give props to the legs...

Dear Legs, There is no doubt about it. I abuse the ever loving bejeebus out of you. I force you to run me around all day at my freakishly active job and then I force you to actually run some more. I cuss you out, calling you short, stumpy and slow. I wonder why you are not longer or faster and I then I call you a pair of slacking off jerks... I dress you terribly and do not care for you as I should.  I question how it is that you work so hard and to my (clearly unrealistic) brain are still so damn out of shape. Legs, I am sorry for being such a raving asshat to you. I vow to smarten up.
Left ankle, you have been very sore and sad this week. I am sorry about that and will give you a lot of love and attention if you get better on the super speedy. I will placate you with bags of frozen peas, green compression socks, advil, kisses, whatever you want pretty much....
Anyway legs. Thanks for getting me around. Running would be a real challenge without you!

See what I do to them? At least there are nice compression socks involved...
My knees look creepy.

The ice bath of a true Mainer.
See legs, I DO take care of you. NOT...

If I were my legs (hang on. what?) I would refuse to work until given far better attire.
This is just absurd!


  1. Your legs think they're pretty stylish. And decked out in those socks and shoes, they can't help but be noticed!

  2. Very funny!!! I love the look of your's not WHAT you's HOW your wear it ;) You wear it well my dear!

  3. all I really can add is "nice socks"! I'm coming to believe that running socks are to runners like neckties are to's an opportunity to show our individuality/style......

    And now that I've said that, what does it say about me that all of my socks are really short (at or just above ankle) and white????

    Never mind........spending the week giving standardized tests to my students has rotted my brain.......please disregard! LOL

    P.S. Please tell your blog I'm not a robot! (hate that word verification dealie/thingie!)

    1. I'm so sorry, I hate word verification too... But I got hacked last year and it was a mess to clean up (ugh!)

  4. Love the green ones. I may need those too.

  5. Pretty amazing what we do to our legs and yet, they stick with us!!! Love your socks!