Monday, May 7, 2012

Big Pimpin': how to dress to get catcalled...?

After last week's long, long run of 18 (which I managed despite the fact that it was just. so. hard. that's what she said... ohhh...) I was glad that for this week and next week the long runs are shorter. I was supposed to do 10 but my weekly mileage looked like such pathetic shiz that I added 3 in order to feel legit. It was a much better run than last week.
Honestly, this week was only so-so. I thought my mileage was a little low and I struggled a bit like a lame, old, out of shape, emphysemic woman. **sigh** But I got it done.

First sunny day since 1979!
Per the norm the first 10 were easy as pie...
Avert your eyes from the ghastly pale I mean dead sexy legs. I shouldn't be let out in public...!

The last 3 honestly weren't bad either other than my toe started gushing blood.
Nothing says "fun" like a hemorrhaging toe...

In the course of 13 miles I got "whoo-whoo'd' multiple times.
I can only imagine that it was done in jest, come on people!!!
I know I bring an unprecedented level of hot but...
Whatevs. It's the sparkly shorts. Or the odd knee muscles that I didn't know I had?
I like my slight expression of horror in this pic. Daayum, I am the coolest....


  1. You look great, so I am not surprised at the catcalls. When you get to be my age, you welcome them, believe me!

  2. Why wouldn't they be cat calling you? Take it and say Hey I'm looking good!
    I would recommend the Sweetest Half another year!
    Have you done VCM? It's the best race ever!