Friday, May 4, 2012

Things I mull over while running....

Time for a word heavy and picture light post friends.
A real change of pace for this week.
I felt that I was getting lazy, ya know? So: WORDS!!!

Even when I listen to music while running and sing along fabulously (meaning, horribly out of tune or not at all because get real dudes- I'm running) I tend to ponder the bigger problems of the world like hunger, war and politics.


Between focusing on avoiding a traffic accident with speeding oncoming dumptrucks and laboring over every tedious footfall I hardly have time for profound thoughts. Or many thoughts at all, to be honest. (is this the norm for me? honestly, no. I am a girl with many, many thoughts. I've said it before: be glad you can't read the bubble over my head...)

So what DO I ponder over in between laborious heavy footfalls??

Back when my sister, my BFF and I were kids we'd all hang out and chatter on endlessly for hours about the following pressing matters:
-Bon Jovi
Then, tiring of that we'd throw on some Hammer pants, go out in the yard singing (no lie) "I'm too sexy" and ride our bikes all around like a bunch of geeks. It was a good time, a good time...

Now when I'm running I think of similar things:
-I think about when we were little and things were so simple! This was before being geeky got awkward and I spent many, many years being awkward. OH! Snap, I never grew out of THAT!!
-I think about horses/ponies for sure. It's my job after all...
-Boys cross my mind. Is it still boys? I'm old. MEN??? HAH! (whatever I'm a girl and can think about boys/men/whatev)
-Bon Jovi? Not so much... Although he's still pretty hot and fabulous.

-I wonder who the mother of Ted's children actually is.....
-I think about Lost. Yes, I still think about Lost. Admit it, so do you....
-It usually crosses my mind that running kind of sucks.
-I tell myself to man up and get over myself....
-I think about the romance novel that I'm going to write in order to get rich quick!
-I then think about how I fail at romance and so, most likely would fail at romance novels.
-Then I think about actually reading a romance novel and the hell that would be....
-I might think about adult stuff for a while. But not fun adult stuff, more along the line of bills.
-I think about how I'll NEVER EVER feel the need to do a Tri.
-I think about my excellent fashion. HAH.
-I think about how I could use a little cross training picking-things-up and putting-things-down style. And how unlikely it is that I'll ever motivate to do that...
-Then I usually think about how I'm hungry and wish that I could magic a grilled cheese out of thin air. Or some cookies.... That would be pretty rad.

I wish that I had a USB port in my brain and that I could download cool, new stuff to think about before each run. That would be pretty fantastic if you ask me. Maybe I could become smarter? Less geeky (unlikely) listen to a romance novel (oh gahd) Honestly, the possibilities are endless...

Anyway! There is an excellent look into my (slightly left of center) brain and what goes on in it during the endless time I spend running the roads of my town... Clearly, I am not going to be the next great mind of our generation despite the ammout of time that I could be putting into becoming that guy. Sad, sad....


  1. Ha! I said I'd never be doing a tri either. NEVER.

    I write very witty blog posts when I run. I wish I could remember them when I am done.

    1. Another reason to have that USB into brain. You could write (think?) while running and BOOM witty post done!

  2. I think we all tend to think of crazy and odd things when we run...or at least try to...because if I don't (since I run alone) I find myself self doubting, which I loath! LOL

  3. You mispelled "I have always wanted to do a Tri! Just like that awesome Eric guy. He's totally my hero. *sigh*"

    1. Totally my hero (I gush, with hand fluttering over heart...)
      Gosh, you picked up on that misspelling quickly, you're like autocorrect over there. :-)

    2. im sorry... IT IS ME who will convince you. duh. stay away from that eric kid and his twin brother #badnews

    3. I know Danielle they are the worst kind of news. And they are also Yankees fans hence: dislike. :-)

  4. You must be my long lost sister! I thought I was the only crazy one to think weird stuff while running. Although what I think about while swimming in the lake is a whole other story in its self. I admit it, I do think about Lost too. Seriously, how could they end the show like they did?! I'm still not over it! Sometimes I think about pizza too!