Thursday, May 3, 2012

Equestrian Tangent

Sometimes I feel the need to blog about my real job.

 Day 1: 30 degrees 40 MPH winds. Thank heavens for indoor arenas!

Sneaky jump standard getting in the way of my photo shoot..
 Just a little non running tangent today. Last weekend I was one of the lucky few invited to participate in a fabulous Sumposium with Shannon Dueck. She is a fantastic high caliber Canadian Dressage rider who is pretty much a sure thing for the 2012 Olympic team.
My coach (who is also amazing) trains with her full time in Florida, and I was pretty pumped to get the chance to ride. I brought my mid-level horse Chauncy hoping that he would keep it together and not blow a fuse. Riding infront of an audience in a strange place (with heinous weather) can cause the best horse to loose their nerve. No worries meeded. He ROCKED IT.
Had two fabulous sessions and got some of the most gratifying feedback about my training that I have ever recieved. Apparently, I am legit.

Day two was a little warmer. I whopping 36 degrees.
Damn I have a nice little horse...
And I might not have any fashion sense in the running world but I'm a sharp dressed rider!

Shannon is 6 feet tall. No lie.
She's also super famous and amazing.
And told me my riding was "textbook" BOOM!!!


  1. Is that at Pineland? I rode there a few times when it first opened. I must admit I'm a tad jealous. I miss riding and someday I plan to have at least one horse again (when I can afford it!). Congrats on the feedback and beautiful horse!

    1. It was at Spring Creek actually, it's a nice place!

  2. How many little girls would love to be you? I bet you love your job.