Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Recap: you knew it was coming!

Yet another edition of my ever popular and never changing weekly wrap up..

Sunday- The 12 miler... 1:37:00. Long but fine. On dreadmill- mostly flat (incline of 1%) but put incline up to 2-3% during the "slow" parts of the run.

Monday: Torturous 3 miler. These miles completed 20 miles in 3 days and MAN I was feeling it. Slow but hills up to 6% incline. 26:00

Tues & Wed: OFF

Thursday: 6 miles dreadasshatmill, "tempo run" Y'all already saw the details of this so I'll skip it. 49:50

Friday: A beautiful outdoor 6 miler. Was reminded that there is no incline on the treddy that matches the incline of what we refer to as the "speed bump" in my town. We call it that because it is the wittle bittie baby hill compared to the other mountains. HMPH.

Total for the week: 27 miles
Total that it should have been: 26 miles (and I love that I snuck in an extra day off! HAH!)

We'll see how this week goes. We're looking at a few days of very poor weather and I'm still mulling over the tightness in my lower back. It was feeling much better today and then I lifted a huge object and it found that to be unpleasant. I hate having a bad back because it makes me question my every step, and if I'm questioning my every step I spend a lot of the day feeling burdened by my thoughts. So... a bit of stretching later and we'll see what tomorow morning brings!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

On the road again!

With temps in the mid 30's and the roads relatively clear I could see nothing wrong with hitting the pavement for a 6 miler yesterday.
What a day it was! So beautiful out and SO nice to be back on the road after a couple weeks indoors. I must say, nothing that I can create on the treadmill matches the hills of my town. It was hard to run up those suckers- they mean business. I still did ok though and made the 6 miles in 49:30 (and for real, I deserve extra credit for the absolute lack of flat terrain!)

Made a critical mistake on the eating front. I was busy and had a very light lunch and then immediately post run had to get back to business. MAN, was I paying for that a couple hours later..... Funny how lack of food makes one want to vomit- for a few minutes I was wondering if I had caught a bug of some sort but after choking down some crackers and gingerale (with a fortifying shot of Jameson added) I was back to normal. I think that perhaps a medium length run doesn't require trendy re-fueling but it certainly requires FUEL! I often question the wisdom of people I know who run 2-3 miles (which is great, I still think that is a long way to go) BUT then "Refuel" after with all sorts of odds and ends.. I think with lower mileage if you're eating smart no "extra" is really needed. What do you all think?

I'm forcing myself to take the entire weekend OFF. No running, no cross training, no funny buisness. I really tweaked my back in the snow last week and can feel it thru my lower back/upper butt and hips. I saw my sister who is an LMT today and HOLY MOTHER TRUCKER was that a painful rubdown. I hate her. GRRRRRR. She suggested that it might be time to see the chiropracter and from the funky feeling I have I'm quite certain she's right.

So, off to enjoy my non running weekend but still hoping to feel well enough for an EPIC long run on Monday. Hopefully things are feeling as they should so I don't have to divorce THE PLAN!

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Sloth! The PLAN!

I was planning to run a few miles on Tuesday because that is what The Plan called for. (by the way, I'm starting to think of THE PLAN as being some kind of extra person in my life. A bossy older sibling perhaps who berates me and expects the impossible of me. Then mocks me when I FAIL! My cheese is sliding off my cracker here people, I need a half marathon intervention.)

Anyway, that three mile run that I was talking about? Didn't happen. Bottom line, the old creaky bod was screaming at me to stay away from running and not put it thru the torture... Usually I ignore these kinds of things, slog down a glass of water and a few advil and suck it up. But not this time! I just had a feeling that I needed to stay away from the running shoes or I'd pay for it (and I hate being right about being lazy but considering how much better I felt yesterday I must have been right!)

To make up for my sloth I got up at 4:30 yesterday morning and headed to the gym (in the snow, thank you very much) to run 6 miles. It was a sweaty mess of a run (on the bouncy treadmill, no fan- and by that I mean no AIR and yeah, I'm not a FAN) but a good one on legs that felt fresh and fully recovered from the 20+miles they had done earlier in the week. I was supposed to do 2 miles at the start and finish at 10:00 then 4 miles in the middle at just over 9:00. Well, you all know how I feel about sticking to The Plan's rules on miles per minute so it went a little something like this: 1 mile at 9:35 (gotta warm up the 5 aM legs) then 5 miles at 7:53.

I have to clock in 5 more miles before Sunday to make me weekly mileage total and hopefully I can make that happen. It is one of those weekends with houseguests (which is fun!) and lots of family commitments so running time can be limited. I've already pushed my long run (a full 13- yikkkkkkkes) to Monday which messes up next weeks PLAN fairly significantly. That's just too bad for the PLAN isn't it? I'll get enough running in to keep the legs moving and that's just gonna have to be good enough.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm a sheep. Or: Three Tangents/Topics

Having nothing inspiring to say today I'm jumping on the bandwagon, following the herd and joining in the infamous Three Tangent Tuesday.

A side note here... Let's all take a moment to remember that most tangents require a certain amount of algebra- something that I choose to avoid. Most of the kids I teach have no idea that the word tangent comes from mathematics and means ""meeting at a point without intersecting" more or less. I'm a big fan of the English language and not math. (and this doesn't count as one of my "tangents" which should in fact be called "topics".) GEEK in the HOUSE! HA HA! Don't laugh at me, I can't help myself.

1: I perhaps have already mentioned my penchant for the English language. I try to refrain from getting too wordy but in certain situations (such as feeling annoyed or as though I'm being spoken to like I am an idiot) I will gratuitously drop gems like "obsequious" "fuliginous"or the ever popular "crepuscular" into conversations in a most presumptuous way. I am kind of a little asshat on occasion, but it keeps me amused...

2: I have a profound dislike of finding things that do not belong in my food, in my food. Case in point- I found a feather still attached to my buffalo wing the other day. After I had bitten into it and felt it slither its way between my teeth none the less (insert doom music HERE.) I spent several long moments retching quietly and attempting unsuccessfully to compose myself. YUCK. YUCK.

3: I'm scared of the dark. Yes, I am 31 years old and I am SCARED of the DARK. I have to close the closet doors before I go to bed so the monster stays IN (obviously!) and if my imagination gets really bad I can picture a disembodied hand flipping away under my bed, ready to snatch my ankle and drag me down!!! (AKKK! Under the BED!!!) Very silly, no doubt.

Speaking of 3, I ran a 3 miler yesterday to recover from the 12 mile toil the day before. It was OK but I was struck by the DOMS a couple hours after that( so sore! my thighs!) I am taking a "rest day" and hopefully things will have sorted out by tomorrow...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to have fun on a Sunday

Another long run DONE!!

The plan for the day was 11 miles on the dreadf***er to avoid the deplorable conditions that my roads are in, not to mention the sub zero temps. Also my Huz is concerned that running on the roads will lead to "a broken leg from falling in a ditch. AT BEST. If you're LUCKY." That man has no faith in my coordination! (I could tell stories about why but that seems best left for another day.)

I managed to jump on my favorite treadmill (the one with a fan! the one that does not bounce and rattle like it's about to die when programed to 7MPH or above!) and off I went. I play a game with myself to pass the time that goes a little somethig like this: for the next two songs on my ipod I'll run kinda fast. for the next 2 songs after that I'll run a little slower but add more incline. then I repeat this mantra to infinity.

How wrapped up in this game did I get today? Enough to add an extra mile without noticing. My knees started to piss and moan at me but I ignored then, cussing them out as wimpy silly little joints. Could not believe my eyes when I finally allowed myself to peek at the screen and saw 12 miles! A DOZEN! I'm fairly impressed with myself right now and also am starving.

The end result:
12 miles
Which brings it to 8:08 a mile. Not too shabby for an old woman.

Going home to ice the knees, rehydrate with beer and throw food in my mouth. Good times!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekly Recap, once again

Ahhhh, another week has gone by.
I must say, this countdown to my half is going by very fast. Worryingly fast. Where in the hell is the time going????
I managed to get in the required weekly mileage- 25- by the freaking skin of my teeth (a saying that I have always found odd at best, as my teeth have no skin. really now...) The weather was tumultuous once again, dumping down snow and a fistfull of chaos. Thank you My Town for doing such a heinous job plowing the roads that the Corolla can barely creep along, and my dreams of running outdoors will have to wait until July. Bah! Humbug!
Despite the ghastly weather, the ornery road conditions and a persnickety twinge in my lower back from the shoveling I have had to do, things still went fine in the running department this week. I'm only hyperventilating a tiny bit now that I'm in the one month countdown....

This week:
Sunday- The Big 10 1:25:00 for a respectable pace of 8:30

Monday- I think that must have been my 4 miles of treadmill mountains. 38:00
Oh, and 10 minutes on the stupid stationary bike to cool off, or something.

Tuesday- 6 miles, mile repeats. Decent. I won't break it down for ya, since I already did earlier this week. 53:00

Wednesday- 30 min stationary bike- on some workout called "Insanity Hills" That was no lie.
15 minutes on the elliptical. I hate that thing.

Thursday/Friday- Blizzaster

Saturday- 5 miles, 40:40 for a pace of 8:08. Decent since I kicked in a bunch of hill climbs around 4-6 incline.

So another week down and not too many more to go. I'm supposed to knock out an 11 miler tomorrow, and on the treddy it will be since the top temp here is supposed to be about 0. I'm wishing for Spring in a big way...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Bad Disgusting Habits/Shortcomings

I don't feel that I have too many things in life to be ashamed of (and by the way, to me "shame" and "guilt" are unacceptable 4 letter words- never to be uttered by my lips or felt by my brain. Life is too short, people...)

I digress! But really, I'm about to reveal all my nasty habits. Lucky you guys!

Overall I am a good kid. I excercise regularly as this blog will helpfully show you. I don't lie, cheat or steal (at least not in a way that anyone would notice or be hurt by. I said I was a good kid, not a perfect one.) I have good manners and know how to write an excellent thank you card, a skill entirely lost on The Youth Of America. I get up early, go to bed early and drink an amount of beer that is entirely good for my health.

But I have a few dark and dirty secrets (emphasis on dirty...)

I absolutely refuse to wash most of my running clothing after one use. I'll shake it out, hang it up to dry and throw it back on my clean bod the very next day. Even socks. and nobody has ever called me out on it so it couldn't be nearly as nasty as it sounds!
The one exception to my rule is underwear because butt sweat is a whole different breed of disgusting. No way will I recycle my knickers, those bad boys go right in the hamper!

I also go months on end without darkening the doors of my salon. I have not had my hair colored or my brows waxed since April. WOW! That sounds really bad, I must be a hot mess! I know you're all thinking "WHAT! Does this lady work in a BARN???" Well, yes indeed I do. No excuse for such low maintenence though...

Back to laundry. The Huz refuses to wear anything twice which means that by Wednesday his hamper is overflowing while mine has maybe 1 outfit in it. I try to do all the laundry over the weekend (just for reference!) Figuring that his clothes need litle more than a rinse I often send them thru the "quick clean" cycle which would make him very grumpy if he found out. Oh well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him and he has NEVER noticed! (and I get the laundry done twice as fast!)

We have lived in our house for almost 3 years and it is still almost 100% undecorated. This does not bother me in the least but makes my poor Mother crazy! (My Mom almost got disowned one day when she came over to my place, ran her finger across some furniture then said "ewwww" while inspecting said finger. I was deeply offended and told her that a little dog hair never killed anyone. Bless her clean little heart!) You all should see my Mom's house though- it is SPOTLESS, SO well decorated and she's always cooking up something fabulous. I love that I get to have lunch at my parents house most days. Needless to say the cleanliness/decorating expectations are quite high and I have failed miserably in that department. OH WELL!

And the VERY WORST! After I run, especially at the airless, fanless gym my veryvery long hair is usually drippin' with sweat. Literally, dripping all over my body. Do I take the time to shower? OH NO! I just braid it and stick it under a hat. YUCK!

So there are my confessions. I am a dirty clothes wearer, a laundry cheater, a complete failure in the beauty department, basically disgusting and could care less that my house only has one decoration. And you know what? I don't really mind any of these things!

What sorts of bad, disgusting habits do all of you have? I can't imagine that I'm the only one out there that gets multiple uses out of my bras and socks but you never know....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to have fun at the gym...

After my long run on Sunday I was suppsed to have a day off. Looking at the weather for the week gave me other ideas though.... Since it is currently blizzarding (again) I decided to do Tuesday's workout on Monday and Wednesdays workout on Tuesday in the super early morning before the snow could arrive. (Always an excellent decision on legs that had just completed 10 miles for the first time in their existance!)

In reality, it wasn't all that bad. The worst part is that I'm stuck at the gym since it hasn't gotten out of the low single digits in my town. Gorgeous! In order to make things entertaining for myself I decided that I'd do some little treadmill hills on Monday and then do my Race Plan workout of mile repeate on Tuesday.

Here is how it went down:

Mile 0-1 @ 9:31 on a 6% incline
Mile 1-2 @ 8:00 on a 1% incline
Mile 2-3 @ 9:13 on a 5% incline
Mile 3-3.5 @ 9:31 on an 8% incline
Mile 3.5-4 @ 7:49 on a 1% incline

Tuesday: (done literally at the asscrack of dawn. my legs were SO not awake!)
mile 0-1 @ 9:13
Mile 1-2 @ 8:31
Mile 2-2.5 @ 9:00
Mile 2.5-3.5 @ 8:00
Mile 3.5-4 @ 9:00
Mile 4-5 @ 7:35
Mile 5-6 done between 8.0 and 9.0

I was more ambitious in my mile repeats then "the plan" told me to be. BUT... After my legs finally warmed/woke up around the end of mile two it occured to me that keeping the designated pace of 8:34 fast mile 10:30 slow mile/half mile would not even be remotely pushing me beyond my comfort zone. As is was, this was vigorous but not bad at all. I was sweaty but mostly because there are no fans at this gym and running with no ari is similar to running in a sauna. Yuck!

I am definately taking tomorrow off since I've knocked out 20 miles this week already (and it's only Tuesday, snap!) Since it's snowing like a bastard out there I'll probably have to spend the day shoveling out the door yard anyway. Good times.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

10 miles, you don't scare me!

10 miles done. On the dreadmill none the less. No two ways about it, 10 miles is a helluva long way to go looking at the same scenery for 1 hour and 25 minutes.

I had one of those mornings where I was completely devoid of energy, ambition, motivation or desire to run. Armed with the knowledge that there was nothing wrong with me that excercise and a glass of water couldn't cure off I went. I have been an athletic person long enough to be quite aware of the difference between lethargic: sick/genuinely exhausted and lethargic: lazy ass hat. This was the latter and as I expected the 10 miles was energizing rather than draining!

My pet peeve of the day: People who drive to the gym and fight over the parking space that is closest to the door. Um, hello? Are we not here to excercise? Park farther away and then take up 10 minutes less time walking on the treadmill! Yes, I know that walkers have every right to use the treadmills but I waited forever today for the worlds slowest walkers to disembark. Evidently that is my other pet peeve: The slowwalkers out on their Sunday Saunter... Smelling the flowers and taking 45 minutes to walk 0.78 mile. MEH!

Hope you all had a great weekend out there on the interwebs!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Recap

Running after a 3 day break presents an odd conundrum. I treated myself to a day on the dreadmill since it was arctic out and the roads were covered with the infamous icy death cookies. My brain was all "YAY!! RUN!!" even as my legs protested "Hey. That means we have to work! What is wrong with you??!" My brain was the stronger party for sure and even though I warmed up super slow for at least 5 minutes I managed to knock out 5 miles in 38:35. Jeepers. Guess I was in a hurry to go NOWHERE!

My weekly recap:
Sunday- 9 miles, outdoors in 1:16ish
Monday- 4 miles outdoors on tired legs in 38:00
Tuesday: Off. Was supposed to do 3 miles but work effed things up for me.
Wednesday: 30 minutes x-train. Hill climbing on stationary bike.
Thursday- OFF! Supposed to do 4 miles but BLIZZASTER.
Friday- 5 miles, Dreadmill in 38:35

So a low mileage week, with a total of 18. Reviewing my training plan I was only supposed to do 21 so this isn't too bad. As much as I was gnashing and wildly protesting my 3 day hiatus, after kicking that 5 miler in the TEETH yesterday I simply can't see how it was a bad thing!

Day "off" today as it's my busiest work day of the week- then all things being equal a long run tomorrow.

Friday, January 14, 2011

What running does to your sanity. Or mine, anyway.

After several weeks of relative quiet on the weather front we got out teeth kicked in a couple days ago with a humungous snow storm. Sadly, this effectively shut down my quest for half marathon appropriate mileage. The irrational side of my brain considered having a mini freak out aout this, especially since I feel like I'm cutting it fairly close- what with a grand total of 50 days to train for this insanity. However, the calm and rational side of my brain calmed my crazies and suggested that I take a bit of time to cross train, shovel heaps of snow, beat my head off a wall and to rest my slightly sore shin. Wiser words were never spoken.

Looks like the roads have cleared so my plan is to hit the Gym and the dreadmill for a bit later today after I see a few brave clients.

I have not run in 3 days. I find silly thoughts creeping into my head: "Uh Oh. I've lost ALL my fitness!" (what?) "OMG, I think I can feel my SHIN SPLINT!!" (no, it's ok) "AAKKKK!! I can feel my BUTT JIGGLING!!!" (perhaps!) WHAT? 3 days off and I've turned into an insecure heap of weepy fat poking, imaginary injury conjuring nerves. Very unlike me. Running has clearly tainted my judgment and made me loose my cheese off my cracker. Worrying!

So, off I go to face the frigid tundra and piles of messy snow. I'll post a weekly recap of my less than stellar training efforts over the weekend!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The 9 miles that ALMOST got away

Ha ha 9 miler. You thought I wasn't going to be able to get you, but I did. Take that sucker!
....And thanks to all for the words of support! Most appreciated, really.....

Not satisfied by my failure of an attempt on Friday I spontaneously headed out yesterday afternoon to try again. I felt more rested. The weather was warmer. I was in no great rush. All those things made it completely possible and I finished in about 1 hour and 16 minutes. not going to break any records but a pretty decent effort.

I think I should get extra points due to the fact that not only was there a fierce headwind but the hills.... Ohhhhh those hills. When I run I tend to get "Climb Every Mountain" in my head in a bad way. Thank you Mother Superior for putting an epic ballad into my head, overriding my ipod. (tangent: then I start thinking about how then Fraulein Maria heads back to the Von Trapps to be seduced by the creepy Captain in the Garden. As a kid I always wondered if I would ever find that to be romantic? But something about that love in the garden scene has always made me cringe. Is it the seduction of the nun that is icky? The fact that I always thought that Capt. Von Trapp was a sketch ball with a weak and thready baritone and a hodge Podge of children? Or the sappy song they sing? Whatever. I still think it's creepy. And obviously have to have this debate with myself every time I set foot on the road to bust up the HILLS.)

Moving on here. Really, my ADD is out of control. And I don't even have ADD.

I did the 9 miles and did not walk, loose my lunch in any direction or wish to die. A clear win, if you ask me. And my type A personality was comforted my the fact that I managed to squeeze in the "missed" miles. HA!

One more day for the giveaway! Keep those guesses coming in....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time to get in my Failboat....

Well. After a good week yesterdays run kinda makes me want to get in my failboat and drift slowly away, weeping and gnashing in agony and defeat. Oh dear.

Things did not go according to plan from the start. Today was supposed to be "long run" day but a combo of a terrible weather forecast and a busy work load required that I bump it up a day- or risk losing it altogether. Then out of the blue I lost an hour of my day- work stuff- and non negotiable. I had to move my running time to right after lunch (which I ate wisely- so no emergency runs for the pepto!) but still a tricky time. Knowing that running the full 9 was out of the question I decided to run as far as I could one way in the time I had, then turn back.

I can honestly say that if this had been a 3 miler it would have been my worst run in a long time. It was DAMN cold, my feet were ice cubes for the first 2 miles and my legs were not happy. A long week of running was clearly taking its toll and my legs were crying Uncle, and cussing me out in a way that was most rude. I was not in a happy head space. The hills (and there were many of them) were torture. UGH! If I had been in any position to quit after the first 3 miles I might have (well, probably not since I'm not a quitter but my head wanted OUT! DONE!) Oddly, for the last 2 miles or so everything came together reasonably well and I ended up feeling more positive about the whole rotten mess (until I calculated my actual mileage. 7.5. FAIL!) I was rather upset about the whole dreadful waste of time!!

Then I gave myself a reality check.
-This is my longest run ever AND it was after 3 weeks of consistently high mileage. Win!
-I did it in 1:05. Not bad considering my first 3 miles were a death march. Win!
-It was cold and running after eating makes me slow. Excuse!
-I got out and did it. WIN!

Funny that just a few weeks ago I would have been so amazed that I was able to complete 7.5 miles and now I'm sobbing in my soup that it wasn't far enough! I'm such a douche sometimes, I have to keep a perspective and remember that this is my HOBBY and that I'm no elite runner and that it supposed to be FUN (ish).

I'm taking a well deserved day "off" to let the legs rest from the week of madness. This is how it turned out:
Monday- 5 Miles, supposed to be at 10:30 was closer to 8:30 (it was too cold to run slow)
Tuesday- 30 min x-train: Hill workout on stationary bike. BORING!
Wednesday- 7 miles at about 8:30. Was supposed to be 6 at 9:30. Whateves.
Thursday- 4 miles on dreadmill at 9:01. Was supposed to be at 10:30 but I couldn't handle the slow boring pace.
Friday- 7.5 miles in 1:05. Was supposed to be 9 miles at 10:00 per mile. FAIL. But oh well!

Remember that tomorrow will be "hint" day for my giveaway! Everyone can indeed have a second chance at winning so comment away. Post to your blog too, for extra entries!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First race of 2011: Done and DONE!

2011 will clearly be a year of great success and unbridled fabulocity.

Not only did I finish feeling great, I did so in 47:51. What, WHAT!!

So yes, I did celebrate with reckless abandon, jump up and down, drink an extra beer and say "whoot whoot" many times much to the dismay of my very tolerant huz... Poor guy!

It was a kickass race on the most beautiful New Years day that I can ever remember having. At race time it was pushing 60 degrees, no wind, nice sunshine and fricking MAGIC people!

For once I have nothing to complain about (which is so rare that this day should be marked on the calendar as being epic/unusual...) Things were well organized, we found our way there with very little trouble (thanks to Ashley our Garmin) parking was free and withing easy walking distance, lines for numbers and shirts were well organized and the porta potties were only mildly revolting.

The course was beautiful and mostly flat- a little speed bump of a hill around mile 1 and 4 but pretty much the flattest thing that these old eyes have ever seen. I was thrilled! Even on the dreadmill I push the hill work so to have a flat course is like receiving a late Christmas gift. We were running on a pretty major road for several miles but the traffic was well managed and the crowds were noisy and supportive! Yay!

I held back like crazy for the first mile- it was around 8:30 and was then ready to push it 5K style. I really held back for the 1st half (it was the same course run twice) and my split was 24:52. Needless to say I had plenty of gas left in the tank and zoomed around a lot quicker for the second half. I don't think that anybody passed me after the first couple miles (I leave the 5K-ers to speed along and do their own thing. I knew chasing the bandy legged college sprinters would spell certain DOOM!) I felt GREAT and had enough juice left to pass people right up to the end. Unfortunately missing out on an age group award by 10 seconds (and where that girl was I do not know... She must have been invisible or so fast that she was a white blur of light? Hmmm.)

Anyway, I could not have been more pleased to see the timer reading UNDER 48 MINUTES!!! I thought that with months or years more training I might be able to snag a 48 minute 10K. To do it my first time out was fantabulous! My placing was 97th out of just under 600 which is just fine to me thank you very much.

There was free beer! Really pretty sparkly finishers medals! Free FOOD! A live BAND! I love road racing, it can be such a good fun time...

On the way home I got starving and was ready to chew off my own hand (unwise) so the Huz and I stopped at one of our favorite breweries for that infamous extra beer and I got an enormous spinach salad with a chunk of salmon the size of my head on top. I pretty much buried my face in it and didn't bother to surface for air until I was turning blue. Perhaps I am slightly iron deficiant of something (or maybe I was just crazy starving?) The Huz was quite pleased that a day at the races had turned into a mini pub crawl. He's not too impressed by this race thing. Gotta bribe him with beer.

So Happy New Year's to me, and to all of you out there on the interwebs! Let's all have a terrific 2011 full of health, happiness and good running....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I like to move it, move it!

Good thing, since it's the asscrack of dawn....
Happy New Year everyone, here's to a healthy and happy 2011.

In more important news (obvi) I'm off to Lowell Mass for my first ever 10K!

Wish me luck, I'm probably going to need it....

My goals?
-I certainly should finish in under an hour. I had better....
-My real goal is a nice range- 52-54 minutes. Very reasonable and slow. Good times.
-I will be in hysterics if I can manage to finish in 51 or under. I will celebrate with reckless abandon, throwing all caution to the wind, staying up past my bedtime and drinking an extra beer!!
(sounds out of control. I had better not go for speed, yikes!)

Anyshizzle, I'll report back later today or tomorrow with a glowing reoprt of my fabulocity- or a grizzly tale of too many miles on too few hours sleep. It could go either way!