Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekly Recap, once again

Ahhhh, another week has gone by.
I must say, this countdown to my half is going by very fast. Worryingly fast. Where in the hell is the time going????
I managed to get in the required weekly mileage- 25- by the freaking skin of my teeth (a saying that I have always found odd at best, as my teeth have no skin. really now...) The weather was tumultuous once again, dumping down snow and a fistfull of chaos. Thank you My Town for doing such a heinous job plowing the roads that the Corolla can barely creep along, and my dreams of running outdoors will have to wait until July. Bah! Humbug!
Despite the ghastly weather, the ornery road conditions and a persnickety twinge in my lower back from the shoveling I have had to do, things still went fine in the running department this week. I'm only hyperventilating a tiny bit now that I'm in the one month countdown....

This week:
Sunday- The Big 10 1:25:00 for a respectable pace of 8:30

Monday- I think that must have been my 4 miles of treadmill mountains. 38:00
Oh, and 10 minutes on the stupid stationary bike to cool off, or something.

Tuesday- 6 miles, mile repeats. Decent. I won't break it down for ya, since I already did earlier this week. 53:00

Wednesday- 30 min stationary bike- on some workout called "Insanity Hills" That was no lie.
15 minutes on the elliptical. I hate that thing.

Thursday/Friday- Blizzaster

Saturday- 5 miles, 40:40 for a pace of 8:08. Decent since I kicked in a bunch of hill climbs around 4-6 incline.

So another week down and not too many more to go. I'm supposed to knock out an 11 miler tomorrow, and on the treddy it will be since the top temp here is supposed to be about 0. I'm wishing for Spring in a big way...


  1. Glad to hear you were able to conquer the weather to get the miles in!

    I'm so done with winter...

  2. Great week! Good luck with a treadmill 11-miler!

  3. Maybe by the skin of your teeth, but you DID it! Awesome!

    Hope those 11 miles just whoosh by tomorrow!

  4. Look like you are going to be ready!! Nice 10 miler!