Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Bad Disgusting Habits/Shortcomings

I don't feel that I have too many things in life to be ashamed of (and by the way, to me "shame" and "guilt" are unacceptable 4 letter words- never to be uttered by my lips or felt by my brain. Life is too short, people...)

I digress! But really, I'm about to reveal all my nasty habits. Lucky you guys!

Overall I am a good kid. I excercise regularly as this blog will helpfully show you. I don't lie, cheat or steal (at least not in a way that anyone would notice or be hurt by. I said I was a good kid, not a perfect one.) I have good manners and know how to write an excellent thank you card, a skill entirely lost on The Youth Of America. I get up early, go to bed early and drink an amount of beer that is entirely good for my health.

But I have a few dark and dirty secrets (emphasis on dirty...)

I absolutely refuse to wash most of my running clothing after one use. I'll shake it out, hang it up to dry and throw it back on my clean bod the very next day. Even socks. and nobody has ever called me out on it so it couldn't be nearly as nasty as it sounds!
The one exception to my rule is underwear because butt sweat is a whole different breed of disgusting. No way will I recycle my knickers, those bad boys go right in the hamper!

I also go months on end without darkening the doors of my salon. I have not had my hair colored or my brows waxed since April. WOW! That sounds really bad, I must be a hot mess! I know you're all thinking "WHAT! Does this lady work in a BARN???" Well, yes indeed I do. No excuse for such low maintenence though...

Back to laundry. The Huz refuses to wear anything twice which means that by Wednesday his hamper is overflowing while mine has maybe 1 outfit in it. I try to do all the laundry over the weekend (just for reference!) Figuring that his clothes need litle more than a rinse I often send them thru the "quick clean" cycle which would make him very grumpy if he found out. Oh well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him and he has NEVER noticed! (and I get the laundry done twice as fast!)

We have lived in our house for almost 3 years and it is still almost 100% undecorated. This does not bother me in the least but makes my poor Mother crazy! (My Mom almost got disowned one day when she came over to my place, ran her finger across some furniture then said "ewwww" while inspecting said finger. I was deeply offended and told her that a little dog hair never killed anyone. Bless her clean little heart!) You all should see my Mom's house though- it is SPOTLESS, SO well decorated and she's always cooking up something fabulous. I love that I get to have lunch at my parents house most days. Needless to say the cleanliness/decorating expectations are quite high and I have failed miserably in that department. OH WELL!

And the VERY WORST! After I run, especially at the airless, fanless gym my veryvery long hair is usually drippin' with sweat. Literally, dripping all over my body. Do I take the time to shower? OH NO! I just braid it and stick it under a hat. YUCK!

So there are my confessions. I am a dirty clothes wearer, a laundry cheater, a complete failure in the beauty department, basically disgusting and could care less that my house only has one decoration. And you know what? I don't really mind any of these things!

What sorts of bad, disgusting habits do all of you have? I can't imagine that I'm the only one out there that gets multiple uses out of my bras and socks but you never know....


  1. Good for you! I lie about how much my hair costs to get done, cheat at board games, and steal candy from my kids!

    Butt sweat-ha! I'm a water waster. Really, I sweat SO much the thought of even attempting to wear my baselayer twice...I do recycle cans and plastic though....

  2. Writing thank you cards IS a lost art; ungrateful little snots. Um, sorry, just a pet peeve.
    I regularly re-wear clothes but that may be because I only have two pairs of jeans that fit. I also hide candy from my kids and husband (maybe why the jeans don't fit???)

  3. What does it say about me that I've never been waxed or colored? :)

  4. Totally agree on the not washing after one wear. I *never* wash jeans, ever. I'm sure I've gone 3+ years on one pair.

  5. I love confessions.

    Let's see what I can fess up...

    I sometimes look at the person's treadmill next to me at the gym. I see what speed they're running and I run faster to "beat them" in my crazy little head.

    I know, I am a sick sick person.

  6. Thank you for sharing this because I am feeling so much better about life now....I never take the time to shower...I would rather fit in another mile or two:) I re-wear exercise clothes all the time. Who has time to decorate? LOVE this post!!! My confession is that I just told my class if anyone gives me candy I will give them extra credit. THey gave me chocolate and I gave them extra credit.

  7. I think I'll go with half-badass/half-naturally stunning :)

    On the tailbone front - I took a spill on my mountain. Nothing glamorous, except for the fact that I didn't realize that I'd done anything serious to it for several weeks, and in the meantime I did two adventure races on that broken bum. At first my doc thought it was just a fracture, but after six weeks of no change, I went to a specialist who took x-rays and discovered I also dislocated it. Seemed a bit excessive for a not-very-hard fall! How did your breaks transpire?

  8. My bad habits are your bad habits...except I do my own roots... but not often enough. Only $10 a shot ;-) And I have a tendency to just pile dishes in the sink because that is hubby's job.

  9. And *U* o he Slish Blogger Award?!?!? HAHAHAHAHA!! :) :) U know I'm laughing wih u!! Ok, I admi, I have sacks of clohes sored b how dir he are...hen I wear hem based on he sniff es :)

  10. haha cracking me up!

    I wear jeans 2-3x. I wash my running clothes right away though....i dont wear underwear while running so gotta clean that butt sweat :)

  11. I definitely rewear my sports bras. I only have two expensive nice ones so I want them to last as long as possible. And I went dark with my hair and I'm growing it out, so it's so nice to not have to have to go to the salon if I don't want to :)

    I got my giveaway package yesterday!! Thanks, the socks are awesome!!!!!!