Saturday, January 29, 2011

On the road again!

With temps in the mid 30's and the roads relatively clear I could see nothing wrong with hitting the pavement for a 6 miler yesterday.
What a day it was! So beautiful out and SO nice to be back on the road after a couple weeks indoors. I must say, nothing that I can create on the treadmill matches the hills of my town. It was hard to run up those suckers- they mean business. I still did ok though and made the 6 miles in 49:30 (and for real, I deserve extra credit for the absolute lack of flat terrain!)

Made a critical mistake on the eating front. I was busy and had a very light lunch and then immediately post run had to get back to business. MAN, was I paying for that a couple hours later..... Funny how lack of food makes one want to vomit- for a few minutes I was wondering if I had caught a bug of some sort but after choking down some crackers and gingerale (with a fortifying shot of Jameson added) I was back to normal. I think that perhaps a medium length run doesn't require trendy re-fueling but it certainly requires FUEL! I often question the wisdom of people I know who run 2-3 miles (which is great, I still think that is a long way to go) BUT then "Refuel" after with all sorts of odds and ends.. I think with lower mileage if you're eating smart no "extra" is really needed. What do you all think?

I'm forcing myself to take the entire weekend OFF. No running, no cross training, no funny buisness. I really tweaked my back in the snow last week and can feel it thru my lower back/upper butt and hips. I saw my sister who is an LMT today and HOLY MOTHER TRUCKER was that a painful rubdown. I hate her. GRRRRRR. She suggested that it might be time to see the chiropracter and from the funky feeling I have I'm quite certain she's right.

So, off to enjoy my non running weekend but still hoping to feel well enough for an EPIC long run on Monday. Hopefully things are feeling as they should so I don't have to divorce THE PLAN!


  1. How nice to have a sister who can give you a real massage... even if it hurts like holy heck!

    Hope you are feeling great soon!

  2. I fall victim to this sometimes, too. For a relatively "short" workout, it doesn't seem like your body should require anything extra, especially when it's used to doing much more - but yeah, there are definitely times when that doesn't hold true. (I also think running in the cold takes more of a toll on your body and your metabolism than running on the treadmill)