Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time to get in my Failboat....

Well. After a good week yesterdays run kinda makes me want to get in my failboat and drift slowly away, weeping and gnashing in agony and defeat. Oh dear.

Things did not go according to plan from the start. Today was supposed to be "long run" day but a combo of a terrible weather forecast and a busy work load required that I bump it up a day- or risk losing it altogether. Then out of the blue I lost an hour of my day- work stuff- and non negotiable. I had to move my running time to right after lunch (which I ate wisely- so no emergency runs for the pepto!) but still a tricky time. Knowing that running the full 9 was out of the question I decided to run as far as I could one way in the time I had, then turn back.

I can honestly say that if this had been a 3 miler it would have been my worst run in a long time. It was DAMN cold, my feet were ice cubes for the first 2 miles and my legs were not happy. A long week of running was clearly taking its toll and my legs were crying Uncle, and cussing me out in a way that was most rude. I was not in a happy head space. The hills (and there were many of them) were torture. UGH! If I had been in any position to quit after the first 3 miles I might have (well, probably not since I'm not a quitter but my head wanted OUT! DONE!) Oddly, for the last 2 miles or so everything came together reasonably well and I ended up feeling more positive about the whole rotten mess (until I calculated my actual mileage. 7.5. FAIL!) I was rather upset about the whole dreadful waste of time!!

Then I gave myself a reality check.
-This is my longest run ever AND it was after 3 weeks of consistently high mileage. Win!
-I did it in 1:05. Not bad considering my first 3 miles were a death march. Win!
-It was cold and running after eating makes me slow. Excuse!
-I got out and did it. WIN!

Funny that just a few weeks ago I would have been so amazed that I was able to complete 7.5 miles and now I'm sobbing in my soup that it wasn't far enough! I'm such a douche sometimes, I have to keep a perspective and remember that this is my HOBBY and that I'm no elite runner and that it supposed to be FUN (ish).

I'm taking a well deserved day "off" to let the legs rest from the week of madness. This is how it turned out:
Monday- 5 Miles, supposed to be at 10:30 was closer to 8:30 (it was too cold to run slow)
Tuesday- 30 min x-train: Hill workout on stationary bike. BORING!
Wednesday- 7 miles at about 8:30. Was supposed to be 6 at 9:30. Whateves.
Thursday- 4 miles on dreadmill at 9:01. Was supposed to be at 10:30 but I couldn't handle the slow boring pace.
Friday- 7.5 miles in 1:05. Was supposed to be 9 miles at 10:00 per mile. FAIL. But oh well!

Remember that tomorrow will be "hint" day for my giveaway! Everyone can indeed have a second chance at winning so comment away. Post to your blog too, for extra entries!


  1. You put in a solid week of running and that 7.5 miler was awesome! Don't beat yourself up. I know that's easy to say but hard to do because I do the same thing all the time.

  2. You are so right…PERSPECTIVE! Lol.

    You are doing a solid job training. There is no failure in what you have accomplished!

  3. That is a great week - no fail. 7.5 miles is still a good long run!

  4. Yeah, what a crybaby douche! :) Ok, I just wanted to say/type the word douche!!! HA! You are doing GREAT and just the fact that you laced up your shoes and got your buns outside in weather that's colder than a witch's teet makes you my hero!


  5. Glad you gave yourself a reality check! :)
    Yesterday was really cold here and for the first time in a long time I thought, "I'm glad I'm not running". So you're a champ to get out there and tough that weather!