Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm a sheep. Or: Three Tangents/Topics

Having nothing inspiring to say today I'm jumping on the bandwagon, following the herd and joining in the infamous Three Tangent Tuesday.

A side note here... Let's all take a moment to remember that most tangents require a certain amount of algebra- something that I choose to avoid. Most of the kids I teach have no idea that the word tangent comes from mathematics and means ""meeting at a point without intersecting" more or less. I'm a big fan of the English language and not math. (and this doesn't count as one of my "tangents" which should in fact be called "topics".) GEEK in the HOUSE! HA HA! Don't laugh at me, I can't help myself.

1: I perhaps have already mentioned my penchant for the English language. I try to refrain from getting too wordy but in certain situations (such as feeling annoyed or as though I'm being spoken to like I am an idiot) I will gratuitously drop gems like "obsequious" "fuliginous"or the ever popular "crepuscular" into conversations in a most presumptuous way. I am kind of a little asshat on occasion, but it keeps me amused...

2: I have a profound dislike of finding things that do not belong in my food, in my food. Case in point- I found a feather still attached to my buffalo wing the other day. After I had bitten into it and felt it slither its way between my teeth none the less (insert doom music HERE.) I spent several long moments retching quietly and attempting unsuccessfully to compose myself. YUCK. YUCK.

3: I'm scared of the dark. Yes, I am 31 years old and I am SCARED of the DARK. I have to close the closet doors before I go to bed so the monster stays IN (obviously!) and if my imagination gets really bad I can picture a disembodied hand flipping away under my bed, ready to snatch my ankle and drag me down!!! (AKKK! Under the BED!!!) Very silly, no doubt.

Speaking of 3, I ran a 3 miler yesterday to recover from the 12 mile toil the day before. It was OK but I was struck by the DOMS a couple hours after that( so sore! my thighs!) I am taking a "rest day" and hopefully things will have sorted out by tomorrow...


  1. AHHH THIS MADE MY DAY!!! YIPEE!! Okay, the feather GROSS!!! I hate the dark so bad. Great job on your run wahooooo! I love when non-runners ask me how a run can help you recover from a run the day before....if they only knew! Have a great day and seriously I am loving this!

  2. So is a tangent a line or just a ray? And is a secant just the line segment or the whole line? I could look it up... but you seem to know everything ;-)

    Liked reading your three things :)

  3. Haha! I jumped on the tangent wagon today too. Speaking of tangents, I read a good line today... "I shepherd my words like rebellious sheep..." From "East of Eden" which I am finding to be an absolute glorious read!

  4. Can I laugh with you instead of laughing at you? I have a little asshat-ness in me, too - my students tell me I use words like "agency" and "engage" far too often :)

  5. Hi! New follower here. Love this post and had to laugh at calling yourself an asshat. I'm afraid of the dark too. I'm more concerned with keeping the monsters out from the basement. I will not venture into any alone. I'm always worried and turn the corner and BAM serial killer! Hehe


  6. omg at the feather, that's terrifying!! Will you ever eat a wing again? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't!

  7. Haha! Asshat! Keep the big ol words a comin! I LOVE it!

    Have a great weekend!