Friday, January 14, 2011

What running does to your sanity. Or mine, anyway.

After several weeks of relative quiet on the weather front we got out teeth kicked in a couple days ago with a humungous snow storm. Sadly, this effectively shut down my quest for half marathon appropriate mileage. The irrational side of my brain considered having a mini freak out aout this, especially since I feel like I'm cutting it fairly close- what with a grand total of 50 days to train for this insanity. However, the calm and rational side of my brain calmed my crazies and suggested that I take a bit of time to cross train, shovel heaps of snow, beat my head off a wall and to rest my slightly sore shin. Wiser words were never spoken.

Looks like the roads have cleared so my plan is to hit the Gym and the dreadmill for a bit later today after I see a few brave clients.

I have not run in 3 days. I find silly thoughts creeping into my head: "Uh Oh. I've lost ALL my fitness!" (what?) "OMG, I think I can feel my SHIN SPLINT!!" (no, it's ok) "AAKKKK!! I can feel my BUTT JIGGLING!!!" (perhaps!) WHAT? 3 days off and I've turned into an insecure heap of weepy fat poking, imaginary injury conjuring nerves. Very unlike me. Running has clearly tainted my judgment and made me loose my cheese off my cracker. Worrying!

So, off I go to face the frigid tundra and piles of messy snow. I'll post a weekly recap of my less than stellar training efforts over the weekend!


  1. You will be fine! Although, I feel the same way after I haven't worked out in a while. Definitely the who butt jiggle thing! ha!

  2. Days off from running does freak us out. I was suffering from a hamstring injury and my hubby kept talking about his running and our sister-in-laws running. I finally told him to shut up! So grumpy and miserable when not running.

    Good luck in the frozen tundra. Just do it and bask in the great feeling afterwards. TGIF!

  3. When you go three days without running, think of me... I probably haven't run in three years.

    Maybe longer.

    Geez, I hate running. Love you! But, I really hate running.