Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Recap: you knew it was coming!

Yet another edition of my ever popular and never changing weekly wrap up..

Sunday- The 12 miler... 1:37:00. Long but fine. On dreadmill- mostly flat (incline of 1%) but put incline up to 2-3% during the "slow" parts of the run.

Monday: Torturous 3 miler. These miles completed 20 miles in 3 days and MAN I was feeling it. Slow but hills up to 6% incline. 26:00

Tues & Wed: OFF

Thursday: 6 miles dreadasshatmill, "tempo run" Y'all already saw the details of this so I'll skip it. 49:50

Friday: A beautiful outdoor 6 miler. Was reminded that there is no incline on the treddy that matches the incline of what we refer to as the "speed bump" in my town. We call it that because it is the wittle bittie baby hill compared to the other mountains. HMPH.

Total for the week: 27 miles
Total that it should have been: 26 miles (and I love that I snuck in an extra day off! HAH!)

We'll see how this week goes. We're looking at a few days of very poor weather and I'm still mulling over the tightness in my lower back. It was feeling much better today and then I lifted a huge object and it found that to be unpleasant. I hate having a bad back because it makes me question my every step, and if I'm questioning my every step I spend a lot of the day feeling burdened by my thoughts. So... a bit of stretching later and we'll see what tomorow morning brings!


  1. Nice week of running you had. Have a great week this week as well.

  2. "dreadasshatmill" bhahahahahahaa Great week you had!

  3. 1:37 is great for a 12 mile on the mill! My husband hung a big mirror next to my treadmill now so I have someone to visit with during the long ones!!

    Nice week! Keep it up!

  4. I love the epic power of the 5'2" runner description on the side. Haha! I'm about that height with shoes that means I can get as speedy as you, right?

  5. Good job this week! Was wondering if you've ever tried yoga? I took it up a couple of years ago when I had a stress fracture in my hip and couldn't run for several months (torture!) Anyway, by the time I got back to running the yoga had strengthened ligaments and joints and made my running that much better, with the added benefit of lessening my headaches and neck pain. Maybe it would help your back?