Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lazy Week

I took at look at my Master Training plan yesterday to see what the heck was on tap for this week.
MUCH to my shock I see the words "LAZY WEEK" in big bold letters! LAZY WEEK? What the heck is THAT madness all about?
Reflecting on the past 6 weeks or here's what I see.
-I have run in excess of 35 miles almost every week
-I have run 2 Halfs, a 16 miler and a crazy 10 miler...
-I have more shenanigans on the plan coming right up...

It appears that a "lazy week" is in order.
I plan to run along as much or as little as I want before gearing up for a 5K and another 1/2 in the next month.
That being said, I tapped out a hilly 5 yesterday at a 7:48 pace which is pretty damn fast for me...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I think that every race I have been to, pretty much for the history of forever has one little snag that I bitch about. The weather, or that I run like an idiot, OR that I run really well but end up disliking running with a passion.

Not so at the HH this past weekend.

It. Was. Perfect.

Don't know how many races like this one has due to them in a lifetime so, snap. I'm going to take it.

Was my time spectacular? 1:48:31- so (no) but still solid and close to- if not exactly- what I ran it in last year. The difference? It WAS EASY! Like, barely breaking a sweat never got out of breath loved every second of it was happy to be alive kind of awesome.

And THAT is the story of the BEST RACE EVER (and it was short. I'm a busy lady. Who takes ZERO pics.)

Friday, February 10, 2012

The big 4-0

Looks like I'm going to have no problem cashing in on a 40 mile week. (all I need to do is run 3 miles today and cha-ching! it's in the bank...)

Officially, this will be my highest mileage week EV-AH. Since I have 5 planned for today- and a Saturday rest day it appears that 42 will be the grand total.

It was a LOT of legit hill work. (all my daily mile friends already know this- I've been wailing and moaning about the HILLS every day!) Everything has been done at about an 8:15-8:30 pace which is well within my confort zone.

After the 7:30 m/m 10 miler last Sunday I re-determined that speed like that is mose certainly NOT easy for me. Bottom line, if I want to become faster in the Half I'm going to have to dedicate some time to real speed work.... Which I do NOT enjoy... BLAH...

I feel good about the mileage that I accomplished this week. I'm a little tired!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winning at Fashion

What was good about this week? Have a look at this picture. Clearly Awesome..

What was bad about this week? OH MAN like, everything else. Booo fricking HOO I know.

OK, let's redirect.

What was good:
-Throwing those orange laces onto my purple shoes. Boom goes the dynamite.
-Hamstring 90% better.
-Ran outside. Love.
-I thought I was going to have to pay the Vet $400 for something and it was only $94. Winning.
-My friends
-Chocolate & PB Chip cookies. Shoot, hello lover...

What was bad:
Absolutely everything else!

But hey, it happens right? And explains my lack of internet time this week.
More good news is that I'm doing something exciting tomorrow, which is a bit sneaky (in a running kind of way...) and unexpected. Stay tumes for the dirty deets....