Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lazy Week

I took at look at my Master Training plan yesterday to see what the heck was on tap for this week.
MUCH to my shock I see the words "LAZY WEEK" in big bold letters! LAZY WEEK? What the heck is THAT madness all about?
Reflecting on the past 6 weeks or here's what I see.
-I have run in excess of 35 miles almost every week
-I have run 2 Halfs, a 16 miler and a crazy 10 miler...
-I have more shenanigans on the plan coming right up...

It appears that a "lazy week" is in order.
I plan to run along as much or as little as I want before gearing up for a 5K and another 1/2 in the next month.
That being said, I tapped out a hilly 5 yesterday at a 7:48 pace which is pretty damn fast for me...


  1. Enjoy your lazy week! You deserve it!

  2. Umm...that's fast for pretty much anyone :)

    Enjoy your relaxing week. And it's not being lazy, it's being smart.

  3. Enjoy your lazy week and being so fast :) !!!!! Amazing work and what a smart plan you have!