Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday Recap

Things are a' changing here in middleaged runner land.
This is a story for another day though!

The Good news is (within the madness) I have managed some pretty solid runs. After last week's lazy week (which turned into a kinda lazy week) I was ready to get back to it! However, this is another light week on the old schedule... I did have a 10 miler scheduled for Monday but circumstances prevented that and turned it into a 5-er..

I have just over 2 weeks until Quincy and basically just hope to keep things consistent and stay healthy. I'd love to be able to kick it up a notch- I feel that a PR is within my reach if I can just man up and actually RUN (and... not sure I want to! HAH!)

I'm alos seriously thinking about doing Great Bay again... WHY? With all its damn hills one would think that last year would have taught me a lesson. And it has - and the lesson is that I have a poor memory and am a glutton for epic punishment!

To recap:
LAZY week:
Managed 22 miles. Which is low, low at this point but High, high for a lazy week I guess.
2 of those runs made it into the sub-8's!

This week, thus far:
Monday- 5 easy miles @ 8:48
Tuesday- VERY pressed for time, 3 TM miles @ 7:59 which is FAST for me on the TM (I hate it on there! and am SLOW! We'll call this SPEED work!)
Wednesday- 7 hilly miles @ 8:02 (remember 8:02 was my tempo pace just a month or so ago... I fear that without some concentration on speedwork that I might just stick forever at an 8:02 pace...)

So. That's all she wrote for today. I promise more consistent posting, more pictures and more races (a 5K this Sunday!) coming up soon!


  1. Awesome job on your still got in a good amount of miles! :)

  2. um hi... I'M running great bay. so see ya there! (or car pool?) and hills? i don't recall hills? ;)

    1. Oh EXCELLENT! Let's be in touch- I am not 100% sure I'm going to do it, but am about 98% sure. ;-)
      And yeah- no hills there. completely flat!