Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's next??

In the spirit of royally overdoing it I managed to get myself into a bit of road racing hot water... Or scheduling hot water? Either way, I'm pretty pumped to run the Cohasset 10K by the sea with my super cool bestest cousin on April 1st (no foolin...)

After that... I've decided to do it again. The stupid hilly GBH. GBH and I are in a fight. It did not treat me well last year but I intend to have my way with it in the twenty-twelve..! I'm in pretty good shape- but that means nothing against the epic struggle against the constant and rolling hills, dirt roads, more hills and general hatred. I'm pretty excited (and I really am...)

So two decent sized runs 6 days apart. I believe the vote has been that this is both awesome. badass and insane (I tend to agree, but am leaning more towards legendary and amazing. obviously!)

I am having a week of doing whatever I want in the running department, since I have a free weekend. Logically, that meant a 10 miler (which was a hilly mo fo...) in 82 degree heat (in MARCH! WTF? but awesomeeeeee.) We'll see what the rest of the week brings!

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