Monday, March 19, 2012

Quincy Half Marathon

This was my first time running the Quincy Half- adding to the collection of new races on the list for the legendary 2012 race schedule.
I felt good heading into the weekend- I am in the best running shape that I've ever been in (ever, ever) didn't have any major issues with the things that cause me trouble (hamstring, shin, etc) and was generally feeling like it would be a great day for a run!

(take note of the fact that once again- ZERO pics. I hope to scam some from others as this race had some of the prettiest ocean scenery that Ive had the pleasure of running by...)

The weather report gave me a bit of pause (in a good way- because what kind of idiot wouldn't love running on a gorgeous day?) The pause that I felt was due to the fact that the warmest day for a long run this year has been upper 40's for me. And the temps were projected to skyrocket into the 70's! Phew. Taking this into account I abandoned my PR consideration- knowing that pushing it that hard on the first hot day of the year would lead to certain internal chaos: as in, projectile vomming. Also had the chance to pair up with my running friend who wanted a push to a PR and after completing 180 solitary miles over the past month having a pal sounded premium. So friendly running it was (proving my point yet again that friendless running is silly. time passes by much quicker on the road when you have somebody to punch and swear at when running pisses you off...)

It was cold at the start (relatively. it was probably 50) But as predicted it warmed up super fast and WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! The course was lovely- a few miles of ocean views which I am a complete geek for, and then your basic Quincy suburban town/city/whatevs. A few rolling hills but nothing to get too bothered by. The one scary thing for sure were the water stops- complete clusterfudge-itis. Snap, super scary traffic jam crap. (being that I never stop for water I was able to avoid the mess rather handily- but have rarely seen such hydration chaos!) I suspect that since the race had doubled in size from last year they were simply unprepared for the quantity of parched runners. (and this is my only complaint/comment. other than that the race seemed well organized!)

I scampered away from my RF at mile 11 (there was NO chance of a PR for anyone at this point so it was a good call..)  I scooted thru the finish in 1:51:31 which I was fine with- the first mile of the race was such a bottleneck that it took close to 10:00 so taking that into account I felt just fine about my results. I also was pretty lost as to how to eat before such an early start and felt a little less energized than usual- something to think about for the future. I finished somewhere in the 500's which was fine too. (I think I passed close to 150 some odd people in the last two miles. yikes.... I did make a pretty kickass final 2 mile dash though which made me feel good- had gas left in the tank and all that fun stuff. Life's a leg of lamb people, and don't you forget it!

There was a good amount of eatable food at the end, which I actually ate since I was FREAKING STARVING! I did not vom upon my shoes. I did not punch running or my RF in the face. Nor did I GET punched in the face, which is always a good thing. Got a medal. Was disgusted by the flotsam and jetsam in coconut water (ewwwww.) Was glad that I was not in the group of people who were just finishing up when I left- like, 2 hours later. UGH! Sat on the curb and got a horrible cramp in my hip. Decided that I'm too old to sit on curbs... decided that I'm too old to run (kidding here.) Ate a sandwich. Went home. The end.

And that was that. 3rd Half of 2012 IN THE BOOKS!


  1. Sounds like a victory to me on many counts! Congrats.

  2. Holy cow!! You are awesome!!

  3. Are you going to do a half a month? How great that you are feeling so good about your running.

  4. Holy crap! That was awesome time! And I agree--coconut water is gross. Keep up that excellent running and positive attitude.