Monday, May 23, 2011

Puppy Pictures!

Here he is! After stringing all of you along for many weeks I thought I'd post a baby pic of my new little munchkin. Love his face. You can't appriciate how teensy he was because I am roughly the size and shape of a 5th grader. But hot damn, if he is not cute then I don't know what is!

We have not seen the sun in 14 days.
Ah well, who needs it?
To spare you all from my weather musings (and yes, I'm from Maine! ALL we do is moan about the weather. Seriously, we enjoy it!) I'll just post more puppy pics. Prepare to DIE from THE CUTE!

Here he is! Lester Danger my-last-name. Doing what he did best for the first few days, which was to sleep under a chair with a friend.

Lester playing with his big bro Rufus. Clearly badass.

AKKKK SO CUTE! 8 weeks old playing in the yard. Well... sitting...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crappy Spring Weather

The dreary weather is getting old, and I'm getting sick of seeing it!
I suppose that the one good thing is that 44 degrees and drizzle really does a hell of a job keeping the bugs away. UGHHHHH.

Let's backtrack a bit. I made an offhand comment about loosing weight post-half training insanity. I do feel the need to clarify that I certainly do not need to loose weight, nor am I excited to see it happen! The only time that my weight goes up is when I am seriously muscular and the only time it goes down is when I relax the intensity of the training. Or when I'm vomming for hours on end, or when work gets really nuts and (Heaven Forbid) I have to miss meals.

There is simply no denying the fact that day after day of this shiznit crapola weather is really testing my good mood. After spending the whole freaking day slogging along working outside in it the LAST thing I want to do is slap on the old running shoes and get soaked to the bone. MEH! So I'm taking the bull by the horns and heading out right NOW to sprint thru the gloomy countryside. (which means that before my next client I'll have to do something about the soggy clothing, frizzball hair and disgusted attitude.) **SIGH**

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Or... TAKE THAT! Thursday.
As in... Take THAT on my promise for a Warty Wednesday post! Bottom line, I refuse to blog from my iphone and I've been on the go 24/7 and that's what I would have been stuck with. Awesome-o...

1: Since I have quit running 30 miles per week some amusing things have happened. I have lost about 4 pounds (which adds up to 2 each leg. I was a BEAST!) I can also walk straight down stairs now instead of doing a hoppidy-waddle due to my knees and hips being chronically flat busted. I was in such a habit of doing my downhills in an odd manner that I recently took time to relearn how to take stairs like a lady.

2: The weather is KICKASS for running and I must say that I continue to enjoy running short distances whenever and wherever and how ever fast I damn well please. The bugs on the other hand are completely out of control and I may need a blood transfusion if they keep sucking on me at this rate...

3: Good weather equals summer running gear. I had forgotten how annoyingly swishy some of my shorts are. I hate to hear them the same way that I HATE to hear my race number crinkling and swooshing. GRRRR. Time to buy some nice quiet shorts, or to get a grip on reality.

In other news I'm packing up the boys and heading to Mass for the first show of the year. The older boy should be a rock star because he's 15 and knows how to act, bless his little chestnut heart. The younger little monster is on the fence about his plans for behavior- it is his first show ever so (as always) I have realistic expectations. He has a long time to grow up and just needs to get out and see what the big kid world is all about!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Mayhem!

Yes, yes. You all are into Triple Tangent Tuesdays, Friday Favorites and the like.


Mayhem Monday.
Warty Wednesday.
Take THAT Thursday.

I am very cool. Very inventive. Very Hip.

Mayhem is a bit of a fib. It was my motto for the pre-show horse training this morning, as one should throw a lot of terror at one's pony pre show so they are glad to get the hell off the farm. Really, when you have been around the horse block as many times as I have that statement reeks of logic and reason.

Just got back from a nice warm run of a sensible distance, if not terrain. 4 miles still seems so delightfully short and simple after the months and months of long distance training. It was lovely, kind of sweaty and buggy and my feet are not completely healed (come back on Wednesday. You should already know why!) But still.... (where did the lighter fluid come from?)

I feel myself getting the urge to sneak to a race (not sure if I could sneak since I just advertised this interest on the Internet. Hmmm.) I had a feeling that after an easy month I'd get the bug back and I can feel it! Not really sure what I'll do before the 4th of July, perhaps it will be something spontaneous and last minute? And under 13.1 miles FOR SHO.

My puppy is GREAT! YOU GUYS! No pics, I'm so sorry but my Dad stole the camera before I could load them. GAHD, like its his or something... (it is.)

On a final note. Even though I have been supremely bad at commenting on all of your wonderful blogs lately please know that I am reading and enjoying.

(and don't get too excited now, but I will be back on Wednesday. For real.)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


You guys! Thanks so much for sticking around and not un-following me during my lengthy and absurd dissapearences....

Spring is here! The roads are lookin' good. From afar, as I really wouldn't know.

I kid! Somewhat... Since I no longer have 13.1 miles of terror looming on the horizon I no longer feel pressured to put insane mileage on my shoes. Damn good thing too since I no more have time to run extreme miles than I have time to take a nap. Or wash my hair. Or do laundry, which is piling up in a most alarming fashion...

The reason for this? NEW PUPPY TIME! (pics to come, promise.) He's a great guy but between the extra babysitting and the fact that the older dog needs an ativan I've been running myself ragged! So look- I HAVE been running. Yeah suckahs!

In reality I have put in a few nice, 4ish milers which have been delightfully low pressure. I run as fast or slow as I feel inclined. I look at the scenery. I listen to all the springey noises and...ummm... joy radiates thru my very being?? Nah, but it is nice to hit the road in some nicer weather. Not to mention the fact that I'm done before my legs even eake up to the fact that they are doing something!

So. Please don't stop following me. As the busy season continues I am going to try to blog 3 times per week (yes, yes. That is two times more than I have been lately. But I'm gonna make it happen!) Puppy pics are coming, horse show insanity in less than 2 weeks will keep you all amused and coming back for more (on the running blog) and I have plans to run a race again soon. (a race against the fricking clock maybe as I struggle to get shiz done....!)