Monday, May 23, 2011

Puppy Pictures!

Here he is! After stringing all of you along for many weeks I thought I'd post a baby pic of my new little munchkin. Love his face. You can't appriciate how teensy he was because I am roughly the size and shape of a 5th grader. But hot damn, if he is not cute then I don't know what is!

We have not seen the sun in 14 days.
Ah well, who needs it?
To spare you all from my weather musings (and yes, I'm from Maine! ALL we do is moan about the weather. Seriously, we enjoy it!) I'll just post more puppy pics. Prepare to DIE from THE CUTE!

Here he is! Lester Danger my-last-name. Doing what he did best for the first few days, which was to sleep under a chair with a friend.

Lester playing with his big bro Rufus. Clearly badass.

AKKKK SO CUTE! 8 weeks old playing in the yard. Well... sitting...


  1. He could NOT be any cuter!! What a little furball.

  2. I love how he's cuddling up with the snake/horse thing :)

  3. He could not be cuter. No way no how! Cute cute cute!

  4. ADORABLE!! I want a little puppy now!!

  5. Awww, he IS so cute. I love how he's playing with Rufus - what a good big brother!

  6. SOOOO CUTE! He is like a little fur ball :)

  7. Puppies are cute, but GOD THEY ARE SO MUCH WORK!!! Mine is over a year old now, but I'm pretty sure I'd never want to go through puppy training again.

  8. SO CUTE!!! I'm begging DH for a new puppy - maybe these pics will help change his mind!