Tuesday, May 3, 2011


You guys! Thanks so much for sticking around and not un-following me during my lengthy and absurd dissapearences....

Spring is here! The roads are lookin' good. From afar, as I really wouldn't know.

I kid! Somewhat... Since I no longer have 13.1 miles of terror looming on the horizon I no longer feel pressured to put insane mileage on my shoes. Damn good thing too since I no more have time to run extreme miles than I have time to take a nap. Or wash my hair. Or do laundry, which is piling up in a most alarming fashion...

The reason for this? NEW PUPPY TIME! (pics to come, promise.) He's a great guy but between the extra babysitting and the fact that the older dog needs an ativan I've been running myself ragged! So look- I HAVE been running. Yeah suckahs!

In reality I have put in a few nice, 4ish milers which have been delightfully low pressure. I run as fast or slow as I feel inclined. I look at the scenery. I listen to all the springey noises and...ummm... joy radiates thru my very being?? Nah, but it is nice to hit the road in some nicer weather. Not to mention the fact that I'm done before my legs even eake up to the fact that they are doing something!

So. Please don't stop following me. As the busy season continues I am going to try to blog 3 times per week (yes, yes. That is two times more than I have been lately. But I'm gonna make it happen!) Puppy pics are coming, horse show insanity in less than 2 weeks will keep you all amused and coming back for more (on the running blog) and I have plans to run a race again soon. (a race against the fricking clock maybe as I struggle to get shiz done....!)


  1. Still following, and if I were thinking of leaving (which I wasn't!), you would have pulled me back in with puppy pictures :)

  2. Hey--living your life is way more important than the number of blogs you post. Don't worry--have fun. Isn't it nice to run whenever and however long you want to, without any "have to" miles? The effect on the mind is amazing!

  3. Awwwww.... new puppy :) Can't wait to see the pics :)

  4. Hey, SHE LIVES!!! Yes, puppies are busy work! Glad you came back to say HI!