Sunday, December 25, 2011

How did The Plan go this week?

Hey, Hey! Merry christmas!
We all enjoy the quiet life around here on the biggest Holiday of them all (not so much here!) so just a quick update to review the week. No heinous pics today, sorry...

Overall this week was VERY good. I fear that means I'm in for a doozy next week in which everything sucks. Not so this week though- with the exception of the treadmill runs which I'm still having a hard time getting into, things were good.

Sunday- 3 miles, treadmill not terribly fast or fun...

Monday- 11 miles outside, at some really decent pace like 8:37 or 8:43 or some such not so shitty number. Rolling hills, upper 20's for temps (perfect.)

Tuesday- Rest

Wednesday- Legs felt like ass. Put them on the treadmill for 3.2 miles- that felt like 300- and they were better after that. This was the only icky run of the week.

Thursday- 6 miles, tempo. I still felt like the legs were a touch rough from earlier in the week so I figured that an 8:30 pace was optimistic... I missed it for the first mile coming in at 8:59 but really kicked it up after that and finished with an average pace of 8:03. This was a different and more challenging route than my last tempo run with an uphill finish (about 3/4 mile of uphill climbing- ugh...) I was very pleased with this.

Friday- 3 stupid treadmill miles

Saturday- 6.2, outside planning to take it as easy as I felt like. No pressure. finished with an average pace of 8:18 which I was pretty surprised about. This was kind of an "extra" run as it wasn't on the list of things to do... but it was fun!

Total: 32.4 miles? Really? Wow! for me that's a helluva week!
And short lives- this week is scheduled to be under 20 miles for the first time in a while...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Fashion Fabulocity!

Merry Christmas Eve friends! To welcome in this festive magical time of madness I will sing more of my chosen Christmas Carol of 2011 to ya. Better known to you as the deeply sarcastic (from my perspective) "Sexy and I know it..."
The theme of today is soooo obvious.

"I've got PASSION in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it. show it. show it. "

Actually this is a bag of frozen veg post 6 mile tempo run, the hip is sore.

But really people, passion? Frozen peas and corn? No difference....

And the socks of today. "HO HO HO LIKE YOUR MOTHER" said I, wisely.

If you know of anyone more awesome that I, please feel free to point me in their direction to say hello. Once again, I feel that there is no real question of my fabulocity- especially in the fashion department! I'm sexy and I KNOW IT... YEAH.

Friday, December 23, 2011

What I see on a long run.

Ran my way thru 11 miles this past Monday- cold, but beautiful weather. Had planned to run 10 but ended up needing to do 11. I'm definately not the cute type of person who is all "I just ran 30 miles by accident!" The bottom line was that I still had a mile to run in order to get to where I had started (bad mapping on my part) so I ran. Managed to average an 8:37 pace which is rather remarkable, and I didn't feel like I was pushing the pace. I was, however, a tad sore the next afternoon....
Anyway, on to what I saw!

What is this doing in a random field?

Hmmm. Muddy trail...

Ahhh, it's a ski trail How's THAT working out for ya?

Our local ski bump.

And Mt. Washington. IT has snow but WE do NOT!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


There is this hill in my town which is such a monster that it is even a pain in the butt to drive up. I can barely manage more than a shuffle when I run up it (I avoid it. It is avoidable and really, is just ridiculous.)

I have been curious about what kind of incline this hill provides as it seems FAR and beyond the acceptable norm. I finally have an answer.


Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

Friday, December 16, 2011

THE PLAN... OH- Twelve Style.

Remember THE PLAN from last year? the pesky little sub-two Runner's World PLAN that became, for a time, a second husband to me? A judgemental second husband, with a secret agenda- one that involved causing me pain, mental strife and taper tantrums of the highest quality. A PLAN which I tried to follow to a tee- but did not complete a whole cycle of for either Half that I ran due to some injuries sustained from snow shoveling and perhaps slight overtraining.

One thing I have learned in the past year. Make that two, actually.
ONE!!! You don't have to be married to your plan in order to complete a Half. Flexibility is key. I was SO burned out in April that I was doubtful that I would ever be interested in running serious mileage again (and look at where I am now- blissfully forgetful of those troubled times... must be like childbirth? who knows.)
TWO! You're gonna hurt. You'll get so used to walking with a hitch, and to be unable to decend stairs in a ladylife fashion that it will become second nature.

Looking towards my Half on January 14th and my SIXTEEN MILER the following week I constructed a PLAN for my own self. I based this plan on the wish to develop strength, mental fortitude, avoid burnout and the hope to be able to complete the whole cycle. Here's to hoping! Also, I was able to construct this plan with an eye on my busy schedule, the Holidays, and there is room for flexibility for things like weather as I hope to get the majority of my long runs done outside. (again: here's to hoping!)

Monday- 8 miles, 6 outside 2 on Treadmill (got DARK!)
Tuesday- off
Wednesday- 4 Miles, Treadmill (still getting used to treadmill- I SUCK running on it after taking 10 months off from it. I am a MUCH better road runner!)
Thursday- 3 Miles Dreadmilllll.
Friday- 6.2 Miles Tempo- was shooting for an 8:30 pace and snagged an 8:10- I was VERY impressed with myself especially as the route had some good looking hills!
TOTAL: 24.2 miles

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last Race of 2011!

Wrapping up the year (and 11 in '11- DONE!) at the Brewers Dash in Portland on Sunday.
It was a beautiful freaking day, and the nice sunshine made up for the fact that it was about twenty below... Or 32 above but really, no difference there...

I got to run this little dash with (one of) The Huz's best friends. This was his FIRST 5K and he was nervous enough to seriously consider hitting the vommmmm button. But he did not..

There is no denying that I am scarier than he is. As it turns out I am scarier than almost anyone! It would have been nice to get some pics of the waterfront- which was super pretty- but it was too damn cold and we kinda waited until the last minute to head outside. Our epic coaching squad of The Huz's BFF's Wife and Mom were ready to dash back to the bar before we even lined up to start.. Wimps!

I was rocking some mad sexy socks for this race. Oh Snap is right, suckahs... Actually I'd say my whole outfit scored pretty high on the anti-rape meter. Too bad that the BFF didn't take a page from my bright color book- at the turnaround I lost him- perhaps it was the complete clusterfudge of people but suddenly he was nowhere to be found... We stuck together pretty well, elbow to elbow crowds and all for the first mile (in 9:00) and thru the next .5. I thought he had managed to get in front of me so I sprinted ahead to catch up and found that it was another dude in non-descript clothing. There was no finding him then... So off I went!

Here we are after our big finish! BFF managed a LEGIT PR in 27:55 (awesome!) and I snuck in at 24:47- dudes- I ran the last mile in 7:07. WHAT??!!! Shitttttt.... That's what I'm sayin..

We drank a beer and it was really good. Then we went out and ate sausages and THEY were really good. We wrapped things up by snagging a gellato- it is NEVER too cold for ice cream products!

Then we all went home. THE END!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

2012 Legendary Race Schedule

2012 is lurking right around the corner. Since winter is the time that (if I so choose) I actually have time to run and/or train to race better than badly I have formulated a plan. Of sorts. Subject to change.

Here is a casual list of what I have lined up for the near future. Races in "bold" are races that I have either signed up for or will be shortly.
And FYI- my thought process when a little something like this (prepare to be scared or confused.)
"I want to do 12 races in '12 as that is very catchy. I'd like to run 4 half marathons, and for at least one of them to be a new one. I'd like to try something that I never have done before. I'd like a challenge that pushes me out of my comfort zone but do not wish to marathon because I might die. I must keep in mind that by June 1st my real training season will be OVER so anything during the summer will be casual- per the summer norm. I must also keep in mind that last year I did not race in May, June, and September so if I plan to uphold the same schedule I need to race extra in the cold months to make it to the BIG 12 Also... I need to remember that as of right now my Fall schedule is VERY much up in the air and I can't count on getting much done then. We'll see!!!"

December 11- 5K with a friend to wrap up the year. Clearly, this does not count for the Oh-Twelve season.

ONWARD TO 2012!!!

January 14th- Half Marathon Palooza of pure magic in the bizzaro land of an INDOOR Track in NH. No lie here, I am going to run 66 times aroundandaroundandaroundandaround this track with a bunch of my new best friends. This definitely qualifies as both something I have not done before and something that I am not 100% comfortable with. Looking forward to it though as I think it will be a hoot. No bit time goal for this one as (as it turns out) it will be my last long run before....

January 22- 16 miler, "Boston Prep" race in Derry NH. Looks like a real beast of a course, in the DEAD of winter, at an ODD number of miles. 16 miles ABSO-FRICKIN-LUTELY pushes me out of my comfort zone but i think I can handle it. Goal for this race: Be able to GET there- meaning NO bad weather. AND to FINISH...

Feb 19th- Half At The Hamptons, Hampton NH. Did this race last year and despite the fact that it was 17 degrees with a 20 MPH wind I loved it. Great race, beautiful course, fun times. I hope to have no issue getting under the finish in less than 2 hours here...

March 18th- (I need help deciding!!)
Half Of Quincy (Quincy Mass)
New Bedford Half (New Bedford Mass)
Any thoughts?

April 7th- Race The Runways Half, Brunswick ME. Run 13.1 miles around a big old airport? YES... I see no reason that I should not be able to sneak in under 2 hours here as well. This is ANOTHER new race to me which I am very excited about!

Here marks the end of my super fun, ultra challenging, and VERY COLD winter race schedule. For may and June I currently have NOTHING in the book as there is little to choose from at this point (and my Equine Competitive season is in full swing thru those months.)

July (all tentative, but I almost always run these...)
4th- 4 on the 4th, Bridgton ME: Two choices here, PR like a boss or run with the kids and PW like a fool.

11th- Harrison 5K- usually 100 degrees but is 7 minutes away from my house and is right next to a bar. Yessssss.

21st- Lovell Old Home Days 5K- Always has the worlds WORST race tee but they have really good donuts post race..

August- Beach 2 Beacon (if I get in.)

October- Maine Half Marathon- Kickass..... Loved this race despite the shittastic weather.

Mid October my town always has a cute 5K that I enjoy.

Apparently in November there is going to be a Half literally NEXT DOOR (well, next town over) to where I live. Barring unforseen events I fully plan to do this.

Also in November I can scoot over to Lovell for a Gasping gobbler.
I hope to run the Portland 4 miler on Thanksgiving as it is not my year to cook!

Anywhoo. That should get me my 12 in 12 although as I mentioned the Fall schedule is out of my control at this point with MANY variables.
Feel free to leave some feedback, suggestions and let me know if any of y'all will be racing theses races. We can meet up for a donut....

Monday, December 5, 2011

In which we learn that I now suck less than 5 weeks ago.

Check back tomorrow for the "What I am excited about" news. I'm really stringing this along, aren't I. (actually, I feel that I need photographic extras for this story and not only is my camera dead but I ran out of batteries.. )

Let's talk about how I suck less than I did back in October. I seems doubtful that I am going to make the 2012 Olympic team for either the Marathon OR the 100 Meter dash, much to my shock, but things are improving regardless.
Which brings up (again) the title of that book I'm going to write:
"How to improve at anything: Work at it you idiot!"

I do appriciate the kick in the britches that scampering around with my brutally honest GPS/Nike iphone app gave me. No longer could I lie to myself and believe that my 9:48 mile was closer to 6:34 (ha. HA. ha.) No longer could I trick my simple little mind into thinking that a 3.7 mile run was 4.0 miles. Alas, the days of being half assed were behind me and it was time to face the music.

Clearly, I do not head out into the mountains of my little town daily to beat the clock. There are days when I run fast (er than some) and days when I just don't (most days, as a rule.) Regardless of my lazy desires the numbers don't lie. I have not had ANY miles that start with the number "9" for a few weeks now. My average 5 mile run is done between an 8:03 pace and an 8:35 pace. (over hills and all kinds of absurd terrain.) This is good. I banged out a 7:30 mile the other day without even trying. don't ask me HOW that happened other than I was rather focused on getting the hell home, taking off my shoes and drinking a beer. (this is motivation at its finest!)

Anyway. Fleet footed gazelle like being I am not. More fit and happy to be held accountable middle aged woman I am!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

In which I make yet another return from no-blog-land...

Yeah, yeah. I know. Weeks have gone by.


Now I have things to talk about that are more exciting than "what I had for dinner last night" "How Thanksgiving was just like every other thanksgiving that there has ever been" Or (my fav) "MY FEELINGS" (like that would happen.)

I took a couple days after the last race- ever since falling down the hill and breaking my foot into a million pieces in early October I have been bothered by extreme tension in my achilles. To combat that potential land mine I took a couple days which turned into a half dozen due to the pesky foot of snow that dropped on us. (oh good! an original post about "Listning to my BODY!!")


But really! I have fun things coming up. For example:
-Why am I so EXCITED?? Why? WHY!!!
-Do I still suck at running as badly as I did 8 weeks ago? (maybe!!)
-What's next? Since you are all so curious about the mediocre efforts of this old hag I expect that you'll all be on the EDGES of your seats for this one.

And, of course, my typical musings about all things neon sock related, pot roast for breakfast related, and perhaps I'll sing a song or two just to make your stay more exciting!

......signing off now, a real cliffhanger, come back tomorrow for details yo.....