Friday, December 23, 2011

What I see on a long run.

Ran my way thru 11 miles this past Monday- cold, but beautiful weather. Had planned to run 10 but ended up needing to do 11. I'm definately not the cute type of person who is all "I just ran 30 miles by accident!" The bottom line was that I still had a mile to run in order to get to where I had started (bad mapping on my part) so I ran. Managed to average an 8:37 pace which is rather remarkable, and I didn't feel like I was pushing the pace. I was, however, a tad sore the next afternoon....
Anyway, on to what I saw!

What is this doing in a random field?

Hmmm. Muddy trail...

Ahhh, it's a ski trail How's THAT working out for ya?

Our local ski bump.

And Mt. Washington. IT has snow but WE do NOT!!

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  1. Did you know you won that Easy Button thing? Ummm...yeah. I've been waiting for your info so I can send it to you!!!!!