Friday, December 16, 2011

THE PLAN... OH- Twelve Style.

Remember THE PLAN from last year? the pesky little sub-two Runner's World PLAN that became, for a time, a second husband to me? A judgemental second husband, with a secret agenda- one that involved causing me pain, mental strife and taper tantrums of the highest quality. A PLAN which I tried to follow to a tee- but did not complete a whole cycle of for either Half that I ran due to some injuries sustained from snow shoveling and perhaps slight overtraining.

One thing I have learned in the past year. Make that two, actually.
ONE!!! You don't have to be married to your plan in order to complete a Half. Flexibility is key. I was SO burned out in April that I was doubtful that I would ever be interested in running serious mileage again (and look at where I am now- blissfully forgetful of those troubled times... must be like childbirth? who knows.)
TWO! You're gonna hurt. You'll get so used to walking with a hitch, and to be unable to decend stairs in a ladylife fashion that it will become second nature.

Looking towards my Half on January 14th and my SIXTEEN MILER the following week I constructed a PLAN for my own self. I based this plan on the wish to develop strength, mental fortitude, avoid burnout and the hope to be able to complete the whole cycle. Here's to hoping! Also, I was able to construct this plan with an eye on my busy schedule, the Holidays, and there is room for flexibility for things like weather as I hope to get the majority of my long runs done outside. (again: here's to hoping!)

Monday- 8 miles, 6 outside 2 on Treadmill (got DARK!)
Tuesday- off
Wednesday- 4 Miles, Treadmill (still getting used to treadmill- I SUCK running on it after taking 10 months off from it. I am a MUCH better road runner!)
Thursday- 3 Miles Dreadmilllll.
Friday- 6.2 Miles Tempo- was shooting for an 8:30 pace and snagged an 8:10- I was VERY impressed with myself especially as the route had some good looking hills!
TOTAL: 24.2 miles

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  1. girl, you rock! And I have found out that plans are good and all, but when you dread them, it's time to make your own. You know what you can do and keep yourself from burning out.