Sunday, December 4, 2011

In which I make yet another return from no-blog-land...

Yeah, yeah. I know. Weeks have gone by.


Now I have things to talk about that are more exciting than "what I had for dinner last night" "How Thanksgiving was just like every other thanksgiving that there has ever been" Or (my fav) "MY FEELINGS" (like that would happen.)

I took a couple days after the last race- ever since falling down the hill and breaking my foot into a million pieces in early October I have been bothered by extreme tension in my achilles. To combat that potential land mine I took a couple days which turned into a half dozen due to the pesky foot of snow that dropped on us. (oh good! an original post about "Listning to my BODY!!")


But really! I have fun things coming up. For example:
-Why am I so EXCITED?? Why? WHY!!!
-Do I still suck at running as badly as I did 8 weeks ago? (maybe!!)
-What's next? Since you are all so curious about the mediocre efforts of this old hag I expect that you'll all be on the EDGES of your seats for this one.

And, of course, my typical musings about all things neon sock related, pot roast for breakfast related, and perhaps I'll sing a song or two just to make your stay more exciting!

......signing off now, a real cliffhanger, come back tomorrow for details yo.....

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