Monday, May 15, 2017

Life updates from a non running week!

....And thus concludes the first "zero" week of 2017......
Knowing me, it will not be the last!

Recovery from Providence went smoothly, and by Wednesday I was tempted to begin a little slow running, but I kicked that idea to the curb. I just completed a big training block with TWO marathons, thus earning a break from the road. 

I have mentioned in the past, and notice again, that recovering from a marathon is faster and easier when I keep the time slower than a 3:3x:00 pace. 
Duh? No kidding Captain Obvious?

Anyway. I took the recovery week rather seriously and ran not one step. As a rule, this is my go to plan after a big race. After Hartford I basically took a couple months off because I was toast, but I don't plan to do that this time. 

Also, I cooked a lot last week which was excellent. So many good things. Profiteroles. Chocolate chip cookie bars. Shrimp Scampi. Muesli. LORD!! So much deliciousness. When I run zero miles I certainly have more time for things like baking. 

These profiteroles were amazing. Ugly, but amazing!

I also drank some excellent beer. Since the weather has continued to act like March, I have been enjoying dark, thick brews. MMMMMM. 

An excellent beer for a cold day
OH! The most exciting event from last week is that the snowbank almost vanished! (it is gone now!)

5/4, the final day of the snowbank

In other news.....
In between Boston and Providence I found out that I have a uterine fibroid. 
This was surprising to me, because up until April 20th I had no idea that such a thing existed. 
I had a bit of testing done to make sure that the diagnosis was correct, and that we were not dealing with something sinister. Thankfully, fibroid seems to be the final answer. 

As weird as it is to have something unexpected growing inside me, this is not a medical crisis. I was actually hesitant to mention it, but my blog is an honest reflection of my life, and this is something that I am dealing with at the moment. 

If you want to have a gross out moment, google Pedunculated Fibroid. 
They are yucky and creepy and, as it turns out, mine is large. The size of a big navel orange to be specific. (9 cm) I am a small person, so this sucker is pretty significant. 

Now. Lest we think that I am literally the most oblivious person out there, walking around not knowing I have an extra friend inside of me, let me clarify. 

I did not think there was anything wrong with my female parts. And I certainly had no idea that I had grown a Big Friendly Tumor. I DID think that I was having GI issues, and that the pelvic pressure and feeling of bloating were related to stomach stuff. I planned to see my PCP in May, but my GYN appointment happened to come along first. And boom, diagnosis. (slightly thankful to have avoided a trendy food sensitivity ;-)) (more glad that it's a big friendly tumor, not a small malicious one.) 

So. The plan is to wait and see what it does in the next few months. I'll get a follow up ultrasound in August and go from there. 
(FYI, I don't plan to give weekly fibroid updates but I would be happy to share more if anyone is having a similar experience and is curious about what the process has been like for me.)

So that's about it for the time being. Today I am going to head out for a short run, and then maybe hit some roads I haven't seen in a while later in the week. And, summer is coming with temps looking to hit 80 on Thursday! (we are going to get heat stroke!) 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2017 Providence Marathon

This past Sunday I ran the Providence marathon.
While this might seem out of the blue, it was something I signed up for months ago. Not only would it be a good opportunity to cross a RI marathon off the list, but also a good chance to visit my cousin who lives in the area. I DO enjoy a good family visit after all! 

My original plan was to have an excellent Boston race, fluff around for a couple weeks and then have a very casual (4+ hour) Providence. While I don't mind piggy backing an extra long run onto the end of a training cycle, it is never my intent to run "fast" at race number two.

After Boston I returned to good form almost at once. I proceeded with caution, as 26.2 is 26.2, no matter how you creep your way to the finish! However, within days it was clear that I was in good health, and the idea began to form that a faster than planned Providence might be in the cards. 

As mentioned, the weather after Boston has continued on in a downright dreary manner. I think we have had a total of 3 nice days. 

Saturday was another crap day, rain and temps in the low 50's. 
After Eric's tri (more on that later this week in my weekly wrap up) we headed to RI, and saw the first peek of sun.

The sunniest day all week.... UGH!!
We spent about 5 seconds picking up my race bib. The expo was extremely underwhelming (which, after dropping cash in at the Boston expo was probably a good thing for my master card!) 
Since RI is more or less a "local" race for me, the very small town feel was not upsetting. I expected something along the lines of Hartford perhaps, but this race felt much smaller. 
(side note: Providence had 1121 marathon finishers, Hartford had 1818. Honestly, not a huge difference! Somehow, Hartford felt like a much "bigger deal.")

By the time we arrived at Jenny and Peters in Kingston (that's my cousin and her boyfriend) we had seen many types of weather. Pouring and 50, almost sunny, 70 and windy in Providence and then a return to the low 50's and cloudy. HELLO PSYCHO WEATHER.
We did score a sweet rainbow though, which was excellent. 

We spent the evening eating great food, admiring Jen & Peter's lovely new home, meeting their new puppy, and forming a plan for the next day. 
Knowing that it was going to be an early day, we played the part of "terrible house guests" by going to bed early and demanding very fussy extra care. Typical! Divas!! 

I slept well and awoke refreshed and glad to see sun, and a cool day. It was about 50, with expected temps reaching a high of about 64 degrees. While still somewhat warmer than most days here, 64 seemed much more reasonable then the heat wave of Boston. Plus, there would be wind and with the 7:30 start, at least an hour of temps in the mid 50's. We made a big mess in Jenny's kitchen and hit the road bright and early. 

We easily made it to the city, found parking, did some last minute things (like pee 56 times) and then made the one second trip to the start line. 
The good thing about small races: they are very simple to navigate. 

All bundled up at the start. 
It was cool and windy, but after milling around for a little while I decided to remove all my extra layers and just get on with things. This was a good choice, as the sun was pretty intense from the beginning. 

About to start!!
The race began right on time, which is not something I had expected. It seems that most years, this race gets off to a pretty late start. I was glad we got going, I was hoping to finish before lunch time :-)

The first few miles were very straightforward, as we ran out of the city. Somewhat reminiscent of Hartford, with a bit of twisting and turning throughout the city streets. 

Fairly quickly, around mile two or so a series of hills began. The first one was of a decent size, and was not something I looked forward to facing on the way back (as it turns out- the route was slightly different and while part of that hill was seen on the return trip, not all of it was! We ran up a slightly different road, I was not heartbroken.) 
Then, it was up and over an overpass which I knew would be an inevitable on the return trip. This was also a very windy area. Gross. 

A pretty major downhill led us into mile 3, through what I would call a small industrial park, and then up a very lengthy hill towards the beginning of the bike path (which we did not follow at this time) and a park. 

Unfortunately, at that point I was in dire need of a potty break and chose to wait for a porta potty to become available. I managed the vast majority of my recent training with no real GI drama, so I was not excited to be having an issue so early on. I assumed that it would be a one and done deal, so, (watching the 3:45 pace group run past) I waited my turn, did by business, and carried on. 
Two minute break.... Nothing you can do sometimes!!

The next 8 miles were AMAZINGLY unremarkable. We ran on a main road, through some towns which were pretty unexciting. However, one town was called Bullocks which I found amusing, having worked with a British woman for many years who regularly said "Bullocks" as a cuss word. I was like "BULLOCKS!! Bwahahaha" You had to be there. 

Unfortunately, from mile 6-11 my belly was all in a snit. I managed to keep a pretty consistent pace but I was becoming a little paranoid that my day was going to go right down the crapper really fast. 
One of my goals for this run was to remain positive. Boston was a grouchy race for me, and bad attitude once a year is all I get. So positive it was. Fucking majestic. 
So, despite the upheaval of my GI system, and my inability to consume food or fluids, I actually maintained a pretty positive state. Really. 

Along with another woman, I almost was struck my a car. She was FURIOUS and slapped both hands down on the hood "ARE YOUR EYES EVEN OPEN???!!!!!" she screamed, in a rage. Not only was this rather surprising, but it took my mind off my troubles for a minute. 
And made me feel positive about being alive. (which I always am, btw)

Is this my "positive state face?" That is upsetting. 

Luckily, at mile 11 a portable potty appeared. *****praise the race gods***** I was about to poop on some woman's tulips, no lie. 
So, in I went, and 90 seconds later, I was out the door. 
phew, disaster averted.
*****praise the race gods AGAIN!!!******

Mile 11-24 were as good as I could have hoped for. 
My legs felt excellent.
I stopped needing to crap my pants. 
And, pleasantly, the surroundings became more interesting. 

We enjoyed a nice stretch of road by a country club right on the ocean. Not only was this a lovely area, but there was some pretty amazing real estate that was fun to look at. 

From mile 14-16 there was a terrific tail wind, and some nice shade.  I was having a great time. Listening to some tunes... Having some little snacks.... Enjoying a nice Sunday run. What more could a person want during a race, right? 

Around mile 20 things became a bit warm, but compared to Boston it was still very tolerable. I could tell that my lack of food and water during the first half was beginning to take a toll, but I did everything I could to maintain a rhythm of sipping and snacking. 
I also saw two swans which was amazing. I yelled "HELLO SWANS" at them, as one does. 

Right on cue, at mile 21 the hills began once again. "There are THREE of these" a runner near me said in dismay. "GROSS" I replied. 
Actually, at that time I was feeling great. I was up and over hill #1 in no time. (I believe that was "Fort Hill" but don't quote me on that.)

At mile 22 I saw Jenny, Peter and their tiny dog Mari who came to cheer me on! I was happy to feel perky enough to give them a good wave, instead of my lackluster grimace that my Boston spectating team got. 

Right after I saw them, the second big hill arrived  I thought for a moment about fast walking up it, but decided to keep my no-walking streak alive. 

Then.... It was onto the windy overpass. This was where (as seems to be the norm with me) I hit the "I am done now" wall. Luckily, there were only about 2 miles to go, and even though the wall hit me hard and fast, I knew I could finish. 

Jen and Peter were there again at mile 24.5, a place in the course with some of the worst headwinds! I believe I said "and NOW I am TIRED" but I can't be sure... because I was getting a little weird at that point. Luckily, they had seen me earlier in a less sucky state. 

I look little weird, but that's cool
Then there were these horrible fucking cobblestones that almost killed me. 
Yeah. This was treacherous. 

Who thought this was a good idea????
And then.... Eric and the finish were in sight!! 

Excited. TO BE DONE.
I ran to victory!!! Or a 3:45:22 which is close enough to victory to make me happy. 

UGH, uphill finish.
A helpful stranger took my finishing photo.

Rhode Island, check. 
I was pretty wiped, and foolishly tipped an entire bottle of water straight down my throat. I also tried to eat part of an orange but it wasn't long before I knew they were going to make a swift return trip. 
Gross. I dry heaved like a velociraptor for like, an hour, and it was dumb.
But then I was fine!! #runnersissues

I must admit, I'm pleased with this race. Some small issues but a solid effort, happy legs, and a time which that I would have been happy with in Boston. 

I have never done a training plan, tapered, "raced", faffed about for a couple weeks and then tried to run well again. I wasn't sure how it would go. This plan is not going to be my go to, but given the circumstances I feel that it was a good move, and that I did well. 
Minus the yakking I felt pretty decent post race, and wasn't really too sore at all in the following days. I notice that I only really ruin myself at Boston (no matter how fast or slow I am) and when I run in the low 3:30's. That shit kills me!

So that's it for the Spring marathon season. I am currently on a little break but plan to hobby jog a little here and there during the next 10 days or so.

Oh! And since Providence was my official race for Rhode Island, here are my pros and cons:

-Lots of empty portable potties at start
-Easy to find parking, and at $15 per day it is affordable
-Small expo, no need to spend money
-The middle of the course is fast, flat and shady on a sunny day
-Miles 13-20 are mostly pleasant surroundings (bike path, golf course, lighthouse, swans)
-Plenty of water stops
-Easy to find start line, and prompt, on time start
-Not terribly expensive

-Not enough portable potties on course
-Relatively hilly first 3.5 and final 3.5 miles
-The first half of the course is pretty boring and kind of ugly
-Small expo, if this is a destination race it would be very disappointing
-Cobblestones trying to kill you
-Long stretches of quiet road (I like this, not everyone does)
-Average medal
-Ridiculously poor "swag bag" (it's like a paper sack of samples, oh well!) 
-Lots of vehicular traffic on course, not always controlled

Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring running, 5k racing, snowbanks and more.

Last week started and finished with fine weather, but the middle part was pretty dank.
Typical April, a couple of cheerful days in the low 50's with plenty of rain.

I am going to rename this blog: Middleaged Runner, your up to the minute weather expert.....

As of a week ago, the ice in the pond was not yet out. (it was out by mid week though!!)

When you live in a small town, ice out dates are important!
I scooted up Bitch hill, mostly to check out the return to Spring. I had not been up there in a couple of weeks and there was not a trace of snow. 

Now it is BROWN!!
As mentioned, the middle of the week was dreary. My legs have been feeling fine, my post Boston experience has been closer to what you might expect after a few peak weeks, and then a cutback rather than a race. While I have not been putting in crazy mileage or speed I did run a few 800's just to see how things were feeling. 
Again, my feeling was not dissimilar to what I feel mid way through a training cycle. None of the typic post race gunk. A 4:12 will help with that ;-)

Post 800's in the mucky weather
Suddenly. at the end of the week, summer arrived!!!
HOORAY!!! Finally some temps to help all of us acclimate to what is coming. 

Back to sweaty hats, for sure.
I had a really enjoyable Friday run in 77 degree temps (Boston Marathon weather!!) I ran some steady miles and stayed well hydrated, despite being a dripping sweat mess. 

Yes, I am carrying an onion
At this point, I'm about ready to get along with acclimation. 
Yes. I prefer running when it is 43 and raining (Like today!!! A rest day....) But for christ sake, if I train when it is 40 and every race is 80 things are going to continue to blow goats!!!

So basically. When it below 70 I am currently running in pants and a sweater. Nice. 

Saturday morning was nice and warm too (72!) So I decided a small, local 5k was in order. It was only about 6 miles from where I live, and for a great cause, so off I went. 

The route was very familiar to me, and took us on local roads, STRAIGHT downhill, and then, (as so often happens) STRAIGHT back up. The long stretch of downhill made for a very pleasant start, and, since I was not trying to crack out a PR like a jackass, the return trip was not too shabby.

Not exactly flat as a pancake

I managed a 22:30 which is a 5k time that I have no quibble with. Go me! I had not run a 5k in a while, and I always forget how delightfully short they are! I was done in no time and back to work. 

And bless the small races, I totally won. #fuckingELITE #sponsored #bybeerandcheeseonly

Hey, I might not win them all but I do have fun!!
I went home and recovered the way a pro athlete does, duh. In #neoncompression

So cool
And yes, I am wearing Hoka slides, and YES they are amazing. 
Not fashionable. But really, stupid comfy. I have footgasms. 

And then, the good weather was over. 
Back to the crap on Sunday, for my weekly snowbank shot. 

Ever shrinking
I got a ride home with my Dad on the tractor (as one does in Maine...) And because it was 49 degrees and drizzling, we spilt a good winter beer. 
This one is a sipper, and perfect for a nice, cold April day. I liked it more as it warmed up, the cherry notes became less apparent and the bourbon/cocoa became more obvious. Tasty. 

Foundation Mortimer. Buy it for the name, enjoy it because it is good. 
So that was that for this week. 
I have a tentative goal of blogging once weekly all year, for the sole purpose of being able to look back on my own shenanigans in upcoming years. 

I believe, now that Boston Marathon training is over I shall shake up my weekly totals/sightings a bit. 

Weekly Stats:
Miles run: 35.something
Other activities: 2 core workouts
High temp: (now that it is not winter, right?) 80. But the low was 42 so that merits mention.
Best thing I ate: I made some Shrimp scampi that was ridiculous. And I had pistachio gelato. (I believe I will require pic of this category from now on.)
Unusual animal sighting: A huge turkey vulture
Current mood: I am tired today after a busy weekend and not enough water. FAIL.

Monday, April 24, 2017

The aftermath!

It was a very typical post Boston marathon on a hot day week.


Most days were in the upper 30's and raining. 
If that doesn't help a runner to acclimate for Summer, than I don't know what will!! *sarcasm*

On the bright side, I recovered splendidly. Running 26.2 is an effort, no matter what the pace. However, my heat related system failure at the race,  reduced my speed enough to allow for some fun running last week. 

Notably, I enjoyed several rainy, sleety, extremely windy miles with my friend Danielle. 

I don't think we have had a run together in years, so it was nice to catch up about all things running. We should probably plan a long run sometime, since we basically hit the tip of the iceberg in the catching up department!!

Our run coincided with a fundraiser for our friend Sarah who is battling the ultimate bullshit, breast cancer. She's a remarkable woman who shares my love of running, ducks, and terrible photos on the internet.... It was a good night full of laughter, tears, a million donuts and excellent positive energy. 

Kicking cancer in the fucking FACE. 
The rest of the week consisted of a few runs here and there, dodging more rain drops, and bird watching. 

This will be the only bluebird we see this year. 
Winter, as determined as it has been, does seem to be spluttering out. 
As I type this, it is actually 60 plus degrees! 
I did notice, that despite the dank weather of last week, the snowbank is shrinking.

Saturday. Not warm. NOT WARM. 
As I reflect upon the aftermath of Boston, I am happy to have finished up nice and healthy. 
The whole training cycle went down really well, and I'm a big fan of the journey so that's a big deal!!

A few things that went much better during the lead up to Boston in 2017:
-I never let the house/laundry/mess situation get to the brink of disaster. That shit drives me crazy, and I prioritized keeping more order in my everyday life.

-Eric and I ate in a way that was considerably better than in the past. We have never been junk food eaters, but we consciously consumed much healthier calories. My energy levels have never been better (although I never "lost" what I thought was my "too many carbs" little belly. but that is a story for another day. no, I am not preggers.)

-I hydrated much better, and was very mindful of alcohol consumption. I drank 100% more water than in the past, and still enjoyed my beloved beer. 

Hashtag LOVE

-And..... I actually managed to do enough core and strength work to avoid the "I am in the WORST shape ever!!" feeling that comes at marathon time, haha!

So despite a less than stellar marathon, I feel very positive about the last 4 months. Many good runs, many good and positive life choices. 

Weekly stats: 
Miles run: Good lord, I actually have no idea. 
Longest run: 26.2 whoot!
Other: Core workouts, twice (go me!)
Wildlife sightings: Bluebird. Cardinal. Ducks, both wild and domestic. Deer. Dogs.... 
Low/High temps: 30/76 BECAUSE WTF???
How am I feeling? Very, very good. 
Beer of the week: Everything Trillium, but Summer St specifically. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Boston Marathon 2017: A sweaty slog

Summer ARRIVED with aggression.

The day before. DOOM. 
The day prior to the marathon had us in the 90's. It was completely bananas.
On the drive to Boston the fan in the car, and therefore the AC decided to die. We made the best of it, because what else can one do? With two blocks to go, it fired back up. Well, played AC.
(and weirdly, this little theme was played out again in a different way the next day. read on.)

Anyways. We made it! All was well and Boston was wonderfully bustling with runners, and the weather was just perfect for shorts and flip flops and it was really quite delightful.

Saying a quick hello to the finish!
Eric and I made a quick run to the expo to exchange an item, and made a pass by the finish.
Then, we had a little R&R back at the hotel. Gotta stay off the feet in the heat!

Top floor of the Revere
Marathon DAY DAWNED........

Yes. It was cooler on Monday. Sort of.
I jumped out of bed at 6:00, our close proximity to the Common allowed some very luxurious sleeping in. (it was pretty amazing!)
I got to the Common at about 7:45 and proceeded to stand in a potty line...

Out of the potty line! Into the bus line!
I was on a bus and on my way at 8:20, whoot! (and it was already 67... so there's that.)

I had a nice ride to Hopkinton, and my bus was a PARTY BUS. So many people in good moods!

Things moved very quickly at that point because I arrived somewhat later than usual.
I hung about in a portable potty line, and had just made it out of the crapper when my wave was called to the corrals.

Leaving Athlete's Village
I made the walk to the Corrals, which is always a hike, as well as a good way to get loosened up after the long bus ride.
I had been drinking quite a bit of water to keep up with the rising temps, so I hit up the potties one more time. So much time in the toilets....!

As I made my hike to Corral 1 (which is wayyyyy up there!) I felt it getting really, stupid hot.

I have never been in 1 before! 
As one would expect, the general murmurings from the crowd were all "wow this is hot" "the sun is crazy" and so forth.
Also, not even as much as a puff of wind. Temp: 69 degrees.

Summer running in Corral one
I had a pretty reasonable plan regarding race execution. I concluded that I would run similarly to last year (easy, especially first half) and then evaluate. It seemed as though, at the half way point or so, that some clouds might roll in and that we might have more of a side wind, making the final half more tolerable.

I rolled on out at an 8:30/8:35 pace and maintained extreme composure.
Until the mile 1 marker when I took a 4 second pee break. My bladder. So much water.

Let's reflect quickly.
My warmest recent long run (and the high temp for the past few longs) was 40.
The most water I have consumed in a long run is 16 oz.

By mile 5, I had consumed much more water than I am used to. Ick. I was doing the tiny sip thing, in order not to become sloshy but my belly still felt full of water.

Other than feeling like a camel, things were going well and my pace felt extremely easy and pedestrian. One cloud came over the sun around mile 8 or so, and then it left.

The first half was generally uneventful, lots and lots of cheering spectators, lots of sun, not a lot else. I was trying to stay pretty focused on hydration, finding shade, fending off collisions in the water stop stations, and sensible snacking. Marathoning is busy work, clearly.

I ran through the half in 1:53ish and just after, walked through a water station because the crowds were just too thick to run through.

And then... Something bad happened. My legs decided to be done. Just like that. No more legs.

"Well" I said to myself " "I guess this isn't totally unexpected since it is hot af"
*but seriously, having another 12.8 miles to go seemed daunting*

Temp: 74. Clouds: none. Wind: at our backs, generally unnoticeable for the first half. And the second if we want to get real here.

The heat from mile 14 to mile 17 was the most intense. I imagine, that with the staggered wave start, that not everyone will agree with this. However, at the time that I was running this was the case, and as I ran over the 128 overpass it felt like the sun was burning  hole through my skull. LOVELY.

I found my Dad, and family, at mile 18.2 and I was basically useless. I looked at my pre-cramp leg shakes and said "YIKES!!! I better get outta here!!"
Which is exactly what happened. I am terrible company.


You know what kids? Sometimes things are hard. Hard marathoning is a very privileged and first world problem, indeed.
However. This was a hard marathon for me to finish.

I saw some wonderful Crows from my running group along the way which was great. The crowds were fantastic. Lots of good stuff.

But I HURT. And I also sucked it up and kept going.

Getting close
So. As fate would have it, at the 40k mark the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up.
And as I said to the car AC on Sunday: "WELL PLAYED" and "too little too late!!!"

Eric, Danielle and my family were all at mile 26.1 and I did a hell of a job looking fresh and happy for them!!

Fashion on point though
My friend Sarah screamed at me from the grandstands but at that point, I was apparently beyond hearing. Waste of space me!!!

Thanks to Sarah for the pic!
I finished, with a remarkable personal worst of 4:12:08 which I honestly gave ZERO fucks about. I was just so happy that I finished!

I basically felt ok upon finishing. I was not (too) stupid and there was no barfing or crying. But Holy CRAP was I ever sore. My legs, my BACK, my shoulders. Forget it. OUCH.

I met up quickly with Eric and a few family members who had braved the crowds to hang with me for a hot, sweaty minute (I was glad to see all of them!!)

I skedaddled off to shower promptly (hotel living was truly a luxury) and then I became more human.

All my clothing was wicked salty. CLEARLY and SHOCKINGLY I must not have yet had an efficient cooling system. NO CRAP.

And the next day.
IT WAS COLD AS FUCK. Not that I am mad or anything.

45 degrees. ONE DAY LATE. 
The day after the marathon was indeed cold. UGH. Two years in a row!!! RUDE.

What can you do, right? I really enjoyed my training cycle and came out of it fit and healthy. I ran the best marathon that I could, on that particular day.
And I was well enough on Tuesday to hike across the city and buy beer, which made me very happy.

YAY!!! YAY!!!
So here is the moral of the story.
A few years ago on Boston, it was hot and I had a terrible race and I was pretty bent out of shape about it.
This year, it was hot, and I ran nowhere near to my ability but it's ok. I was happy to be there and happy to finish. Happy to be healthy and to have family there to support me. I am lucky. And I feel fine about how it played out. I'm excited to get out, and run more miles, and I'm lucky to have run 26.2 in Boston.

And I'll be there next year.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Week 15: Go time.

Just like that, training is really over. Like over, over.
Or, as we always like to say at this point (yearly)

Game. Over. Man. 
Quick recap, since I am the middle of packing for the big weekend. 

Last Monday, it was a nice day! Warm and sunny, muddy and melty. 
Eric and I enjoyed a few miles together. 

Current state of the big snowbank
I ran a few more Tuesday miles, with a few pickups thrown in so that my legs don't think they are on permanent vacation.
I did not run over the bitch hills this week, so instead, I give you pictures of rushing brooks. 

This brook is no more than a trickle in the summer
I had a rest day on Wednesday, but it might have been the best day of the week.
Because my amazing BAA approved fanny pack arrived, and it is fucking majestic. 
I am so excited to keep my items in this lovely thing, for all occasions. 

Fucking. Majestic. 
On Thursday I had a tiny, baby "workout" or 4x800. 
It wasn't too warm, so I added some extra layers to try to prep for a too hot marathon day. I don't have many options when it comes to forcing acclimation, so the best I can do is overdress like a dork. 

Friday was EXPO DAY!!! EXPO DAY!!!
Possibly my favorite day of the year. 
My Dad and I got off to a nice early start. My original barn helper for the day came down with a vicious bug, so Eric got to step in as guardian of the horses. 

It was busy at the expo but not like, Saturday busy (thank the lord.)
We basically zipped in, spent  million dollars, and zipped out. 

This was the least awkward shot. Still so awkward. 
I really had wonderful luck getting everything on my list. Some years are like that, it's like you follow the dots to exactly what you want/need. 
I got gifts for friends, one of the houndstooth jackets for myself, and a pair for the new Hoka slides which are SO comfy. Dorky, but they give you footgasams. 
And, of course, we made it to Sam Adams for a teeny tiny beer!!

Lee and Sara adventures for the win
We managed to avoid ALL the normal traffic on the way home, so we had time to stop in at Austin Street for the Beer of the week!!!
A REMARKABLE DIPA. Perfection. I plan to fill my growler with this ASAP. 

Jesus, just LOOK AT IT.
And that brings us to today. 
The first day in (wait for it) a three day warm spell. Of course. 

Overdressed, again
Because this is my blog, I am going to say it. 
I'm a little bummed that for the second year in a row, I nailed a training cycle and, due to the too hot (for me) weather, I won't be able to test myself. 

Now don't get me wrong!! I have not thrown in the towel at all, and I am planning to run my best race and there is NOTHING more exciting then participating in the Boston Marathon. 

But for fuck's sake. On Tuesday it will be 47 frigging degrees. WHY CAN'T THAT BE MONDAY??

Ok, whining over. Gotta suck it up. Gotta be brave and zip it. 

Since it is the SAME weather (or a touch warmer) than last year, I have a plan. *sigh* 
Safety first, plenty of water, and an easier pace than I had hoped for because the temp will be 28 degrees warmer than my warmest long run. 

Boston marathon day is a great day, regardless of the stupid weather. I'm looking forward to the whole weekend and will blog endlessly about it (in about 3 weeks, haha.)

Anyway! Wish me luck, and good luck to all my fellow runners!

Weekly stats: 
Miles run: After tomorrow, 20
Longest run: 5 hahaha
Other: A little stretching, a little nothing...
Wildlife sightings: Nothing! How boring. 
Low/High temps: 25/68 BECAUSE THAT IS NORMAL
How am I feeling? Nicely tapered. Good. 
Beer of the week: Austin Street DIPA, basically a perfect 10