Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bridgton 4 on the 4th, and other summer adventures

I have been a little quiet here lately!
As usual, the summer season is very busy for me. Not to mention, I would prefer to be outdoors enjoying the weather than at my computer.

My cousin Evan came up for a week around the 4th. He visited frequently when he was little, and in High School, but college, jobs and life have prevented frequent visits for the last few years.
We were so happy to have him visit, and know that now that "adult" life is here (boooo) this may have been a last hurrah (booooo!)

Anyway, while he was visiting we did some of my favorite local hilly runs (plus a few more!)

A glorious day on Hawk mountain

A less lovely day on Mt Tir'em
After a couple days of bombing up and down the small local mountains, we took our tired legs to Fryeburg to walk up Jockey Cap.
Believe it or not, I have never been up there before!
It is a super small walk (maybe .75 round trip) and exceedingly easy, except for the final climb up a rocky slope.

Such a cool mountain map!
We enjoyed seeing Fryeburg from above, and the mountain range in the distance was impressive!
It was a perfect rest day walk, and would be a fun side trip for someone driving thru Western Maine or a small day hike for little ones.

Hiking friends!

Evan always climbing things....
Friday was a better day for some beer drinking adventures than for athletic ones....

Foundation, basically a weekly stop for us
On Saturday we had a doozy of a storm. Almost 4 inches of rain fell in 2 hours. Several tornadoes touched down in the general area. Basically, all plans cancelled and we battened down the hatches and ate tacos.

Weird storm sky

And the calm, the day after the storm
Tuesday was July 4th, and Eric, Evan, My sister and I made our way to Bridgton for our annual cage match with the campers.
Or 4 mile run. Same thing.

Last year was an all around shit show, and I decided that this would be a year where I would go in with zero expectations (other than the expectation of 6 year old kids lining up in the 5:00 pace area.)

Pre race, looking shiny and clean

Considering that I have not done any speedwork in 10-12 weeks I was pleased with my results. I had an all around good run (because all of us lined up, totally incorrectly in the 6:00 pace area. That did help the congestion. Still, about 400 meters in there were some 8year old girls, walking hand and hand in the middle of the road. *sigh*)
Evan and I ran most of the race more or less together, Eric dropped all of us like a bad habit, and Kate ran a super solid PR coming in right behind us.
I ran a 29:41 which won me a sweet AG 1st. I'll take it.
I will admit to being sore the next day. I can't remember the last time I ran more that one foot at a 7:25 pace, so I deserved it!

We spent the rest of the Holiday celebrating.

First, beers at Ebenezer's

And then corn hole

So yes. The summer is rolling along and since I am not marathon training this July, running is more an option that a requirement.

As far as marathon training goes, I have CIM on the horizon in December and I have yet to decide if a Fall marathon is in the cards. I would like to get my 2019 BQ this fall, and am not sure if I feel that a destination race is the place to do that.  I'm considering the options and will make a decision soon (perhaps.)

Number of tornadoes that touched down far too close to us: 4
Fastest pace that I have run since 1987: 7:25
Best day of barhopping: First Austin St/Foundation, then onto Novare Res, then pasta and a cocktail at the Corner Room. A quality time!

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