Monday, December 5, 2011

In which we learn that I now suck less than 5 weeks ago.

Check back tomorrow for the "What I am excited about" news. I'm really stringing this along, aren't I. (actually, I feel that I need photographic extras for this story and not only is my camera dead but I ran out of batteries.. )

Let's talk about how I suck less than I did back in October. I seems doubtful that I am going to make the 2012 Olympic team for either the Marathon OR the 100 Meter dash, much to my shock, but things are improving regardless.
Which brings up (again) the title of that book I'm going to write:
"How to improve at anything: Work at it you idiot!"

I do appriciate the kick in the britches that scampering around with my brutally honest GPS/Nike iphone app gave me. No longer could I lie to myself and believe that my 9:48 mile was closer to 6:34 (ha. HA. ha.) No longer could I trick my simple little mind into thinking that a 3.7 mile run was 4.0 miles. Alas, the days of being half assed were behind me and it was time to face the music.

Clearly, I do not head out into the mountains of my little town daily to beat the clock. There are days when I run fast (er than some) and days when I just don't (most days, as a rule.) Regardless of my lazy desires the numbers don't lie. I have not had ANY miles that start with the number "9" for a few weeks now. My average 5 mile run is done between an 8:03 pace and an 8:35 pace. (over hills and all kinds of absurd terrain.) This is good. I banged out a 7:30 mile the other day without even trying. don't ask me HOW that happened other than I was rather focused on getting the hell home, taking off my shoes and drinking a beer. (this is motivation at its finest!)

Anyway. Fleet footed gazelle like being I am not. More fit and happy to be held accountable middle aged woman I am!

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  1. Improvement is improvement, whether you are a Kenyan or a speedy girl like you! Good job.