Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Last Race of 2011!

Wrapping up the year (and 11 in '11- DONE!) at the Brewers Dash in Portland on Sunday.
It was a beautiful freaking day, and the nice sunshine made up for the fact that it was about twenty below... Or 32 above but really, no difference there...

I got to run this little dash with (one of) The Huz's best friends. This was his FIRST 5K and he was nervous enough to seriously consider hitting the vommmmm button. But he did not..

There is no denying that I am scarier than he is. As it turns out I am scarier than almost anyone! It would have been nice to get some pics of the waterfront- which was super pretty- but it was too damn cold and we kinda waited until the last minute to head outside. Our epic coaching squad of The Huz's BFF's Wife and Mom were ready to dash back to the bar before we even lined up to start.. Wimps!

I was rocking some mad sexy socks for this race. Oh Snap is right, suckahs... Actually I'd say my whole outfit scored pretty high on the anti-rape meter. Too bad that the BFF didn't take a page from my bright color book- at the turnaround I lost him- perhaps it was the complete clusterfudge of people but suddenly he was nowhere to be found... We stuck together pretty well, elbow to elbow crowds and all for the first mile (in 9:00) and thru the next .5. I thought he had managed to get in front of me so I sprinted ahead to catch up and found that it was another dude in non-descript clothing. There was no finding him then... So off I went!

Here we are after our big finish! BFF managed a LEGIT PR in 27:55 (awesome!) and I snuck in at 24:47- dudes- I ran the last mile in 7:07. WHAT??!!! Shitttttt.... That's what I'm sayin..

We drank a beer and it was really good. Then we went out and ate sausages and THEY were really good. We wrapped things up by snagging a gellato- it is NEVER too cold for ice cream products!

Then we all went home. THE END!

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  1. GREAT SOCKS! I never get dressed up for races in fun festive outfits. I ran my last race of the year today - the Celtic Solstice 5 miler. There were so many people dressed with holiday themed race outfits. I just don't think of it.