Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Or... TAKE THAT! Thursday.
As in... Take THAT on my promise for a Warty Wednesday post! Bottom line, I refuse to blog from my iphone and I've been on the go 24/7 and that's what I would have been stuck with. Awesome-o...

1: Since I have quit running 30 miles per week some amusing things have happened. I have lost about 4 pounds (which adds up to 2 each leg. I was a BEAST!) I can also walk straight down stairs now instead of doing a hoppidy-waddle due to my knees and hips being chronically flat busted. I was in such a habit of doing my downhills in an odd manner that I recently took time to relearn how to take stairs like a lady.

2: The weather is KICKASS for running and I must say that I continue to enjoy running short distances whenever and wherever and how ever fast I damn well please. The bugs on the other hand are completely out of control and I may need a blood transfusion if they keep sucking on me at this rate...

3: Good weather equals summer running gear. I had forgotten how annoyingly swishy some of my shorts are. I hate to hear them the same way that I HATE to hear my race number crinkling and swooshing. GRRRR. Time to buy some nice quiet shorts, or to get a grip on reality.

In other news I'm packing up the boys and heading to Mass for the first show of the year. The older boy should be a rock star because he's 15 and knows how to act, bless his little chestnut heart. The younger little monster is on the fence about his plans for behavior- it is his first show ever so (as always) I have realistic expectations. He has a long time to grow up and just needs to get out and see what the big kid world is all about!


  1. Sounds like time off's doing your body good! Hope the first show goes well.

  2. The weather here was really hot and humid for a few days, and now has dropped about 30 degrees and is rainy. Kinda freakin' people out! I think we bounce back into the 70's next week. We are all very confused.

    Keep up those short runs! They feel great after working so hard to up the mileage.

  3. Well 4 pounds is exciting. Is it muscle loss? I've been hearing people say they gain while training for marathons. I'm going to train for a half this year and I really don't want to gain.