Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I think that every race I have been to, pretty much for the history of forever has one little snag that I bitch about. The weather, or that I run like an idiot, OR that I run really well but end up disliking running with a passion.

Not so at the HH this past weekend.

It. Was. Perfect.

Don't know how many races like this one has due to them in a lifetime so, snap. I'm going to take it.

Was my time spectacular? 1:48:31- so (no) but still solid and close to- if not exactly- what I ran it in last year. The difference? It WAS EASY! Like, barely breaking a sweat never got out of breath loved every second of it was happy to be alive kind of awesome.

And THAT is the story of the BEST RACE EVER (and it was short. I'm a busy lady. Who takes ZERO pics.)


  1. Yay for the Best RACE EVER!! I have run one half and I felt kinda like that, although it wasn't that easy (or that fast) but I loved it and never felt like death!

  2. very happy for you....I cannot say I have had one perfect one yet...I am getting there!!

  3. It was not the perfect race for me. Last year I felt the effortless bit - last 3 miles were faster than the previous for me. I loved that. But it was still a great race - what a setting!

  4. Woo Hoo!! Sounds like you had Fn with this one...I totally agree with finding someone to run with...at your pace...to keep pushing one another!

    Way to go!
    I'm a new follower...looking forward to reading more about you!