Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Recap

Running after a 3 day break presents an odd conundrum. I treated myself to a day on the dreadmill since it was arctic out and the roads were covered with the infamous icy death cookies. My brain was all "YAY!! RUN!!" even as my legs protested "Hey. That means we have to work! What is wrong with you??!" My brain was the stronger party for sure and even though I warmed up super slow for at least 5 minutes I managed to knock out 5 miles in 38:35. Jeepers. Guess I was in a hurry to go NOWHERE!

My weekly recap:
Sunday- 9 miles, outdoors in 1:16ish
Monday- 4 miles outdoors on tired legs in 38:00
Tuesday: Off. Was supposed to do 3 miles but work effed things up for me.
Wednesday: 30 minutes x-train. Hill climbing on stationary bike.
Thursday- OFF! Supposed to do 4 miles but BLIZZASTER.
Friday- 5 miles, Dreadmill in 38:35

So a low mileage week, with a total of 18. Reviewing my training plan I was only supposed to do 21 so this isn't too bad. As much as I was gnashing and wildly protesting my 3 day hiatus, after kicking that 5 miler in the TEETH yesterday I simply can't see how it was a bad thing!

Day "off" today as it's my busiest work day of the week- then all things being equal a long run tomorrow.


  1. Days off really are an integral part of any good training plan :)

    Go, Speedy. Go!

  2. I love how you say you TREATED yourself to a day on the treadmill.....What a treat...hmmmm!

    Great job on the 5 mile! The body is very thankfuly when it gets a little break sometimes! Hope the long run goes well!

    I'm working on that tag:)