Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to have fun on a Sunday

Another long run DONE!!

The plan for the day was 11 miles on the dreadf***er to avoid the deplorable conditions that my roads are in, not to mention the sub zero temps. Also my Huz is concerned that running on the roads will lead to "a broken leg from falling in a ditch. AT BEST. If you're LUCKY." That man has no faith in my coordination! (I could tell stories about why but that seems best left for another day.)

I managed to jump on my favorite treadmill (the one with a fan! the one that does not bounce and rattle like it's about to die when programed to 7MPH or above!) and off I went. I play a game with myself to pass the time that goes a little somethig like this: for the next two songs on my ipod I'll run kinda fast. for the next 2 songs after that I'll run a little slower but add more incline. then I repeat this mantra to infinity.

How wrapped up in this game did I get today? Enough to add an extra mile without noticing. My knees started to piss and moan at me but I ignored then, cussing them out as wimpy silly little joints. Could not believe my eyes when I finally allowed myself to peek at the screen and saw 12 miles! A DOZEN! I'm fairly impressed with myself right now and also am starving.

The end result:
12 miles
Which brings it to 8:08 a mile. Not too shabby for an old woman.

Going home to ice the knees, rehydrate with beer and throw food in my mouth. Good times!


  1. Not shabby at all!

    I bet I have some stories that could rival yours on the lack of coordination :)

  2. my goodness that is far from shabby! awesome pace.

  3. Dreadf***er! That's a good one-I will definitely have to remember that!!

    Great run! The games I have now concocted to stay sane on the treadmill are ridiculous. I am like a button pressing junkee! I can hardly go more than a tenth of a mile without pressing at least one button. I need help....or better yet, I need decent outdoor running weather.

    Great pace as well! Hope you are enjoying that beer!!

  4. The treadmill can be kinda insanity inspiring, so great job on an awesome run!
    But I'm a little worried, if you're an old woman, what does that make me???