Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hard choices....

I hate having to be smart....

I have an astonishing track record of ignoring whatever injury I might have and powering thru like a tough guy (like a tough guy who makes bad choices.)

Cases in point:
-You already know about my shin splint. Might not have had to take 6 weeks off if I had taken a week off to start with...

-When I broke my shoulder I was supposed to keep it in a sling for 8 weeks. That lasted very well for 2.5 weeks (I was 15... gimme a break!)

-Broke the tailbone. Rode 3 horses in a big competition the next day, one who moved like a jackhammer. Tears ran down my face the whole time but I still won a pile of prizes, damnit!

-I won a major championship while I had whooping cough. I threw up off the side of my horse when I was done cos I was coughing so hard. Awesome!

Needless to say my ability to woman up has gotten me far in life and I am used to making the choice to just "get on with it."

As I mentioned sometime last week I really tweaked my back and hip while heaving water buckets around or shoveling snow. It has become a nagging and rather relentless annoyance over the past few days and I've been agonizing over what I should and should not do. Obviously, the one thing that is bothering me the very most (stall mucking, water bucket lugging) I just can not avoid.

I have made the VERY tough choice to take a few more days off from running- I really have to see how this plays out and NOT put myself at risk for any more damage. Back trouble makes me very nervous- I HAVE to ride because it is my job and it is horrendous riding with a bad back. It is also horrendous not running but I think that for now it is the most prudent decision.

I'm hoping to snag an appointment with my Chiro for later in the week to see if that helps and then go from there. I am going to try to stay calm, stretch and remember that running is my HOBBY that can be put on hold for a few days for the greater good of my bod....



  1. I totally get how frustrating it is, but...it's worth it! Don't push through and injury. It will only haunt you.

  2. Take the time to get better. You will thank yourself.

  3. You've just described my entire life to a T.

    I'm glad to hear that you're taking a couple days off, though. I did the same for my back a few weeks ago and in less than a week I was feeling almost 100%. Amazing what actual rest and rehab can do...

  4. Good for you making that tough decision! Your body will heal if you take care of it now. Hope you're good as new soon.