Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm Breaking!! Yikes!

Wow, you guys are good friends! Thanks so much for the sympathy and advice regarding my warty little feets. The sad part? They are plantar warts so are literally all up inside my foot! They will need to have the skin cut from them with a scalpel and then will have to be frozen. I have had this done before, can you tell? MOST unpleasant...

Did my last run today. 3 lousy miles.... It was ok, I seem to be having a minor physical breakdown but who cares, right?

-Left hip hurts
-Back feels funny
-Right armpit hurts due to horse throwing me around while I was trying to give him medicine...
-Have not run 13.1 miles ever
-Left hamstring hurts
-Very old

I might break this weekend. Or curl up and cry after running 0.13 miles... EGADS!
I'll try to do a lsat minute recap tomorrow... AHHH!


  1. Postive thinking...use mantras...and smile. :) Oh...and breathe. :)

  2. Let's think positive - maybe it's all taper madness and you'll be in tip top shape come race day!

  3. Well, I'm hoping you can stay in one piece! Good luck.

  4. very old? what are you talking about? me?
    come on now?!!

    before my first half my longest run was 10 miles.
    you can do this. you can. believe it.
    cheers to you

  5. I'm thinking everything's going to go well :) You are so tapered ;-)

    Sending my best thoughts your way!

  6. Good luck to you! Sorry to hear about the pains. :( I had plantar warts in high school...awful little things!