Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm less funny when I'm not mad.

This week. Better than last week... That's not saying much since my grand total mileage clocked in at a big fat ZERO.

My back felt better on Monday but my legs were really acting up. I was starting to hit the hysteria pretty hard thinking that I had a pinched nerve, some kinda of freaky defered pain, or a bizzare medical mystery. So I went for a run. Obviously.

Seemed to solve the problem completely. So I started to wonder, after banging around running 25+ miles a week for the past month then stopping completely if my legs had a funny reaction to that? I bet if I looked around I'd find a technical name for it. "crampy achy legs due to inactivity?" Or something of the sort. Tell me internet friends, TELL ME!

My week has looked like this:
Monday: 30 minutes- 0000.1 mile
Wednesday 40 minutes- Oh- point- six miles
Thursday 50 minutes. Maybe broke a mile

Well my stars, if that isn't marathon training then I just don't know what is!!

10 days and counting to the HALF MARATHON. I still have not run 13.1 miles, as the back of doom thwarted not one but TWO important long runs. Oh well, to hell with the plan. The plan can shove it as far as I'm concerned at this point. I have my eyes on doing about 90 or so minutes this weekend as my long run and then calling it good enough.

I am SO happy to be able to run again this week that I'm actually able to look at the big picture- I feel like doing th 1/2 is still an ok option, I will NOT kill myself to get "all" the mileage in beforehand and I seriously doubt that the world will end if I sneak in under the finish line in over 2 hours. I'll just be happy to be there, and to be able to run pain free. YAY!


  1. I've definitely experienced "crampy achy legs due to inactivity" before. Best solution, I've found? Biking for a day or two to regain a sense of rhythm, and then heading out for some long miles.

  2. Triple snap in Z-formation for pain-free running! I think that if you aren't hurting you'll finish that 1/2 for sure. I like the angle you are taking on this :)

  3. You're beginning to lose it :) hehe, I understand though. Less mileage makes us runners wacky. Don't fret. It will all workout. You'll do the 1/2 and feel on top of the world!