Thursday, February 3, 2011


A quickie..

-The weather had been HORRIBLE!!!!

-My back is totally EFFED in the A. I thought it was bad before snowmageddon did I? Well now??? Fuggedabout it. I'm freaking out. More on that tomorrow....

-AND? The internet has been down until justthisminute. WAY behind on my blog reading.

I seriously could not be more cross right now. I'm gonna go make a grilled cheese, eat 10,000 sour patch kids and hit my head against a wall. And leave message #67 for my Chiro to for GOD sake fit me in STAT.


  1. Have you tried self-massage on your back? The best thing for mine (which is super cranky) is to lay on my back witha tennis ball underneath and roll the tennis ball around all the achy spots. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. :( Sorry to hear. Hope your weekend is way better!

  3. Oh, do you have a foam roller? I foam roll my back a lot, it feels SO GOOD.

  4. Ugh... I feel like the whole world's feeling this way right now (myself included!). This winter is wreaking havoc - physically and psychically!

  5. In good news, you are REALLY effing funny when you're mad. "My back is EFFED in the A?!"

    I adore ya. I hope you get better and that you aren't seriously terribly injured... and at least Feb. is a short month, and the winter will be behind us soon.

  6. I agree with Amber, at least you're funny when you're cranky! Hope you get your back straightened out soon - seriously, what's wrong with your Chiro, doesn't he know you NEED him NOW???