Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm gonna show you how to DO STUFF! 3 Tangent Tuesday style.

Today on Three Tangent Tuesday I will show you how to do stuff so that you can be the very best. The focus today (obvi) is how to be the very strongest, stylish and finely honed athlete that you can be.

And we all know that I'm the person to turn to for advice. I'm known in many circles as being hip, cool and well read. (only one of those statements is true. which one?)

Here we go!

How to fuel up for a long run, or what to eat to recover from intense training.

How to dress for success and look tough. No further explanation needed.....

How to lift weights. Do I look scared? I should....
I hope this helps all of you to become your very best, or at least shed some light on how I have developed such a high level of excellence over the years. I'm sure you are all envious now, but don't worry. With enough cookie baking, on-sale clothes shopping and dedicated beer drinking you too can be sublimely fabulous!


  1. very cute post!
    I posted a Nathan Sports giveaway on my blog yesterday. Check it out if you haven't already.

  2. Great advice! And it's pretty fitting for my sorry injured self right now...

  3. YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!! I like your lifting weights idea except mine is with candy!! You do look tough and way too cute! have a great day!

  4. I am shaking in my boots that middle picture looked so tough. :)

  5. Those creepy guys I saw the other night would have certainly turned tail and fled had I been as tough-looking as you ;-)

  6. I def. needed a refresher on "how to drink beer." I'm out of practice!

  7. I like to fuel up the same way... and in a couple of months I'll definitely be using your weight lifting techniques :)