Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly Recap- after a hiatus!

Unlike last week when zero miles were accumulated, two critical long runs were postponed (and by that, sadly, I mean missed completely because I can not magic up a few extra training weeks) I have a WEEKLY RECAP!!

On man, aren't you guys all excited!
(well, if nothing else this means that you do not have to witness my tear soaked pity party or watch my decent into the Time Off Tantrums. Right? right...)

Monday- 30 minutes of something that resembled running if you were to use your imagination. I was scared S***less that I was going to feel my back twinging or my hip grinding painfully. I did not. And the angels sang and the world was at peace once again.

Wednesday- 40 minutes, about 4.3 miles with a few tiny hills thrown in. Slow, but still pain free.

Thursday- 50 minutes, 5.8 miles- several small (4-5%) hills.

Saturday- 90 minutes, 10.5 miles, about 10 4% 1/5 mile hills in the mix.
An important note regarding this workout: My LAST "long" run. (EGADS.)
There may or may not have been a Valentines day celebration the night before. It may or may not have involved some spectacular and rare beer, (limited edition chocolate porter! the only keg in existence of a bourbon black!) Pair those with some kickass chocolates and the following morning just might have been.... A touch foggy? Things MAY or MAY NOT have been a touch rough on the treddy for the first 3 miles or so. Just sayin' people, just sayin'...

I guess at this point the training is over and all that is left is to get thru this week and run that race next Sunday.
It was fantastic before my 10K 6 weeks ago feeling so prepared (looking back at the pre-race training that I did I might not have been as prepared as my brain led me to believe- but all went WELL anyway!)
I am not thrilled about the plain and simple fact that I have NEVER run the full 13.1 and there is NO time to do it now. I have managed a few solid long runs- all within very close mileage and nearing the time frame that I hope to finish in.

I'm not going to lie or put on my brave face. I'm sweating bullets over this ever so slightly... Still, like I declared last week I am as fit as I'm going to be, delighted to be pain free once again and determined to have a fun time next Sunday whether I make my goal time or not!

One week... 7 Days.... 168 hours....


  1. You'll be fine! Good luck with your final preparations!

  2. Good luck with your run next week. You will be fine. If you've made it this far, you can finish the 13.1 miles. Go, girl!

  3. You will do well... really. No worries, no looking back. Take those 10 miles and then keep on going! You will do it!

  4. It's in the bag. Don't fret. Don't sweat. You're going to kill it.

  5. You've got this! And so glad to hear that you're pain free - yippee!!

  6. oh don't worry at all about not having the full 13.1 under your belt! i always let that stuff syke me out too, but totally should not.