Saturday, February 5, 2011

Head! Desk!

AH-HAH. HAHAHAHA. HAAAAAAhhhhhhhh............
Yes. That's about where it's at right now kiddos...


My back? A screaming DISASTER!

I did see my Chiro yesterday, bless his good natured heart.

I laid upon his Chiro table of torture and doom and he said to me "So, you mentioned that one of your legs felt longer? Which one??"

"THE RIGHT ONE" I said, in ominous tones.

"You're RIGHT!!!" He declared, in an absurdly cheery manner.... Damn that man....

There was MUCH that was wrong with me. Tipped pelvis. Crooked sacrum. One million vertebra out of whack. A neck that was on totally wrong. Oh, and that pesky little thing of my right leg being "alarmingly" longer than my left leg. No wonder that I felt like a HOT MESS!

I feel even worse today, as if my muscles and tendons are trying in desperation to being my spine back to its ill alignment to no avail. I am not impressed....

We'll see what tomorrow brings (and yes, it will bring snow- awesome-o!) Hopefully, in addition it will bring a happier feeling hip/back so that I can consider running a couple miles soon.

Half Marathon: 15 days and counting. DOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!


  1. So sorry you've been feeling crummy. :( I went to my chiro recently and got a much needed adjustment. I was all out of wack! I definitely felt like one leg was longer than the other. hope you straighten out and start feeling 100% asap!

  2. ACK!!!! I hope you get straightened and leveled out soon! That is no fun at all! Sending you some healing thoughts :)

  3. "damn that man" - makes me laugh! Hope you start feeling better soon!

  4. See... this is just another reason why I DON'T run.

    Er, I was trying to be funny. I hope you feel better and get to run some miles soon. ;)