Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Oceanside Adventure!

As the rest of the free world ran Reach The Beach this past weekend I sort of did as well.
A day late, a dollar short and in the company of my trusted running buddy/cousin, Evan.
Poor kid. His weekends used to be full of rest until he decided to become a legit runner. Now we seem to be spending an absurd amount of time sprinting along the ocean side streets of his home town.
I am SO weary of pounding the pavement in my hometown. Getting out and about to put in mileage in another town (or state!) is quite refreshing. Especially along a route as absolutely-freaking-gorgeous as the one we did on Sunday!
 (and a side note- this run brought my weekly mileage to 52- HIGHEST EVER!!)

Hello! A few nice views here??

After some debate 10 was the selected mileage. I told the kid that we could do 5 for all I cared but being that everyone in my family is hardcore and crazy he chose 10...
We zipped off full of enthusiasm on Sunday AM trying to beat the heat (marginally successful!) I cried like a baby for the first 3 miles about my legs feeling like crapola. Damn 20 miler... They DID NOT want to play and requested detachment... They sucked it up after a bit and felt fine but it was an icky start. (and for me- it ended up being a fantastic run- easy pace, beautiful route, legs finally cooperated- almost a perfect 10!)
Poor Evan lost the wheels off his bus at mile 7 and looked like he was going to loose his breakfast as well. He offered to let me run ahead and I was all "oh GREAT idea, I, the adult am going to sprint off and leave you, the kid to suffer alone out alone on the barren coastline. So, no...!" See how responsible I am? Very mature in every way.
Me: "Are you OK???" Evan: "NO!!!" (duh.) Me: "Do we need to call your DAD?" Evan: "NO!!!" ME: "I'll sing to you!! (breaks into a horrifying rendition of payphone...)" Evan: "NO!!! NO!!!"
Wow. my talents remain unappreciated. Snap.
The good news is that we made it BACK! I snuck in another 2 while the kid re hydrated, recovered and manned the hell up (kidding Evan..) He was just fine upon my return so we walked down the street to stand in the ocean. It was much too cold for this old woman.
After our little outing we then packed up and went kayaking with a high level of intensity along the river for about 4 hours. Sitting still has never been a big thing for us. I managed to get a righteous sunburn despite my efforts not to (which made me feel like a tool...) Bad enought so that while walking around with a friend later that day complete strangers actually commented on it. Oh, well done me, well done... Need to get some SPF 100 perhaps?
Anyway. A few more pics to sum it up:

The boy has recovered!

The water: FREEZING!!!!

A little more scenic than the roads of my town....

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  1. That route looks incredible. Very jealous. Yes, wear sunscreen. Now.