Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Time to attack the track with my BFF!

If you had told me a year ago that I would be spending an evening running at the high school track with my BFF I would have laughed in your face. YOUR FACE!!!
"A highly improbable situation" I would have said with derision...
So imagine my shock when I found myself with a date at the track with none other than the BFF last Friday night! (note to self: next time you have a 25k trail race don't run 8x800's 36 hours before.. oh well)
I ran 800's and she just ran like normal people.
I usually really hate speed repeats. I didn't feel too hateful towards them this time. Maybe because I am slow and sad...? Maybe because I have just gotten over it? Maybe because it was only 62 degrees out? Who knows!
Yes. She is at the track!!
And then she ran on it too and set a PR for her 5k :-)

It was not busy at the track...

After I had run a few repeats I noticed a few High School kids who looked aghast standing next to the track. They hollered at me so I shuffled over to see what they wanted. "What School do you run for??" They exclaimed frantically. "Um, I'm 32 dudes..." I deadpanned... "OH PHEW" they cried "We didn't know who you were and we don't want to have to run against you!" As I reflected on the challenged state of our local track team I wasn't sure if I should take too much stock in this... But thanks for thinking that I looked to be High School age (um. or no thanks. could go either way on this one.)

Editing photos is always the right choice.
My arms look crazy...

This was in my last 800 and I can't even tell you how much I hated life.
Look at my face and you will feel the hatred...
I said to BFF "I might puke" She said "PLEASE don't!" I didn't.
This is a horrible picture. Why do I put such things on the interwebs?
It really wasn't a bad workout at all. I did a total of 8 miles what with warm up and stuff and felt ok about my sluggish speed. I don't have much to base this on as I've either done mile repeats (SUCKY) or 400's in the past (which I lost the times for...)
Here's how it looked. I have no idea if these are good. I know I won't make the Olympic team this year, and here I had my heart set on that... Ahem.
1- 3:10
2- 3:08
3- 2:58
6- 2:56
7- 3:05
If nothing else my BFF was very impressed which made me feel cool and then she ran a cool down mile with me after her solid 5k effort. I'm pretty damn proud of her. She has gotten hooked and I love to see somebody enjoying my fav hobby too :-) She's also making a ton of smart life choices (I could take a page out of her book...) and finding that running is a really good addition to smart-adult-life-choice world. Again, I'm seriously, seriously proud of her!
And on that note, I have a feeling that there are more track workouts in our future!
(Just. Not. Today!)


  1. Nice splits! 8 x 800 is a hard workout and you rocked it. And let me tell you, having high school kids say that would have made my year. You go!

    1. If you say those are good splits then I'm going to believe you. you are on my list of "people who know what they are talking about!" Thank you :-)

  2. great job! I was scheduled for track work last night and even showed up, but my coach sent me home for "active recovery" since instead of taking a rest day on Monday, I ran and walked a hill and rode my bike. heheheh

  3. Those 800s are faster than my 400 pace. Daaaaaaaaaaamn girl. Okay, I feel stupid typing that. But to me, that's fast.

  4. Love what the high school kids said! You are speedy fast AND young looking!

  5. Fun! I'm not sure I could do a track workout with a friend, but that's great that you have a buddy to go torture yourself with!

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