Friday, May 25, 2012

Pre- Pineland 25k Problems

Very excited for the Pineland 25K Trail Race of insanity/doom this coming Sunday.
Excited crossed with dread, at the very real possibility that I might fall down and render myself incapacitated.
My goals for this race are simple:
1- Show up on time for a change
2- Finish with all limbs intact
3- Maybe run faster than a 27 minute mile. Maybe not as trail running sounds borderline impossible.
4- To bring weather appropriate attire so that I do not have to steal another persons clothing. AHEM.

This week, post epic 52 mile week last week has been ok. Seems that summer has arrived with vengance and adjusting to the warmth and 90% (no lie) humidity always takes a few days. And those few days haven't quite happened yet...
I was running innocently enough on Thursday night when I took the stupidest step and rolled my ankle right over and toppled head first into oncoming traffic I mean a ditch. I said the F word several times and felt justified doing so.

After running 9 more miles post ankle twist I tried this first

And resorted to this... BLAH!
The good news is that all that damn ice must have done something good. In the dead of the night my ankle made a little creepy "POP" and felt much better. It was weird, icky and a relief all at the same time.
So. Onto an epic weekend. Injury free perhaps? Filled with all things Big Pimpin, clearly.


  1. Yay for a pain-relieving pop!
    Good luck on Sunday!

  2. Ouch! So glad it cleared up for you. Good luck this weekend-sounds like a great event!

  3. Have a blast and may the heat stay away for you.

  4. Glad it seems to be doing better.