Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What I do on my day off....

I'm kind of a huge Sox fan. Have I mentioned that? Snagged some pretty sweet tickets to last Sunday's game and took my beautiful and brilliant cousin. (she's single boys! And she is smart, funny, and a HUGE sports fan! and is going to kill me now, hahaha..)

Anyway. The thing about this game... 17 innings. SEVENTEEN. And we lost.
BUT IT WAS AWESOME! And yes, in inning 16,567 we did indeed talk our way into Monster seats. And YES we did stay for the whole game (we are fans! extra innings is FREE baseball!)

Anyway. Our day in pictures:
Disclaimer: We might talk smack about being so darn good looking but we didn't add this cute caption. A friend of my cousin's stole it off FB and added it.
(yeah right, you all say.. No really!!)
(and our faces got weird and long in this edited pic. see below to view how we really look..)

Inning number 11 or so. Walked into empty Monster seats like we owned the place.
Fneway Park: We own you, bitch!

Out actual seats under the Coke Sign. Still big Pimpin.
It was only warm for 5 minutes of this game.
This was it, good thing we have a pic!

I am a Dork.
But I love baseball.
Even when we loose after 17 innings.... 7 hours...
Pretty much a double header. Yes. they ran out of pitchers... GAHD!

This is why you should NOT steal Monster seats.
You get hit in the face by balls (haha that's what she said!)
I was literally in mid DUCK here throwing self to the ground.
(we were on TV! hahahahah!)
And THAT was my day off. Can't wait to do it again, ASAP!


  1. If you *had* been hit in the face you would have been majorly tv famous, I bet. Instant replays and everything. Keep that in mind next time and don't duck.

  2. Just joined your blog.....and I'm so sorry you had to be at that game! What a travesty........17 innings......position players pitching? YEESH! And naturally, the Sox lost. UGH!

    Great post.....can't wait to read more!

  3. i'm a baseball fan too but I don 't know that I could last 17 innings. You're a real trooper. Looks like you gals had a blast though!!