Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Very Serious April Training. VERY serious....

I had signed up for my first race, to be run with great gusto on June 2nd. Not one to leave anything to chance (and not one to just do things "for fun") I had a PLAN.
As soon as the roads were clear enough to avoid the very real possibility of falling on the ice and getting run over by a cranky snowplow driver I headed out to test out my old legs, slow poke yellow dog in tow.

April 11, 2010: 2.2 miles, 36 minutes pace of 16.22 "Getting started with no wish to break leg/neck, tear ACL or similar horrific injury. Henceforth, mostly walked per the bossy C25K. Did about 4-5 sets of wimpy little jogs, about 1.5 minutes each. The dog was reluctant...."

April 13, 2010: 2 miles, 30 minutes pace of 15:00. "Attempting to follow C25K since they should know what they are yammering on about. Walked like old woman, did half ass 2 minute run sets, about 5 of those.. I think.."

April 17th, 2010: "Attempted to run but deemed it unwise due to absurd and epic snowfall. Shall stay inside and eat chips and donuts to rebel against all things athletic, HAH"

April 20 & 24 2010- 2 miles, 29 minutes pace of 14:30. "Tried to up the challenge on these days with the 2 min walking 2 min running. I'm moving the C25K along a bit faster as I am already in good shape and do not have major heart problems and am not 87 years old. The dog is seriously impacting my situation as he needs to stop frequently to pee. Very bothersome indeed."

April 26, 2010: 2.2 miles, 27 minutes pace of 12:16: "Ran the whole thing today. Was not bad, and certainly have not followed the Couck to 5K very religiously. Might pay for this tomorrow, and have to take months off to recover. Sorry C25K, I feel like a naughty child."

April 29, 2010: 2.2 miles, 26:56 min for a pace of 12:15: "Ran again- focusing on breathing, stretching post run. Tend to gasp a bit, and flounder around like a beached whale. My legs feel better than my lungs, which feel like that of a 50 year old smoker who hits up a pack a day. Which is fully riiiidic since I don't smoke at all. PS to the other day. I wasn't really sore after the big bad run. Booyah. And sorry yellow doggie, you are too slow for this Mo' Fo'"

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