Thursday, July 29, 2010

In between the madness....

After the scramble to do 2 races over the course of 3 days I had a little break (from racing, sadly not from other things.) Over the period of this 10 day uber vacation I discovered some important things.

It is hard to run when it is 98 degrees out at 6 AM.
It is hard to run when you are working a 87 hour week. (no lie.)

The heat I began to adjust to, somewhat. Considering taking out stock in Purple Magic Gatorade I did my very best to hydrate to the max while avoiding my enemy: cold water in a hot stomach. That is a one way street to Vom Dot Com for this old lady!

How about those 2 million hour work weeks? How was that working out for me? Well, I was certainly pleased to be able to pay my mountains of bills (I need to try to become an elite runner, beat the Kenyans and make bank. Yeah! Anyway...) But it left very little time for long super woman runs. But run I did because I am hardcore, crazy, determined not to suck and one-who-makes-no-excuses! Oh snap! During this time I entered in my training log some of the most fabulous workout notes that I have ever seen. Since a week or two has passed I had already forgotten the extent of my suffering. Read on to enjoy my pain!

July 9, 3.1 miles, 25:00 pace of 8:04: The weather was a sweltering 85 degrees but knowing that A: That's what it has been all week and B: that's what it's going to be until the fricking end of time, out I went. I felt fine. I did not run fast but I ran well. My inner monolouge was not filled with moaning, groaning and clanking but with inner zen like thoughts (obvi) Actually, it was more like "Wow, I'm really sweating. Hmm, my sweat even has sweat. I wonder if the townspeople would fine me if I just ran NAKED???"
I got home and poured a nasty green gatorade straight down my throat and chased it with some vodka (hey. it's Friday suckah!)

July 10, 4 miles, 32:00 pace of 8:00- Off I went this morning, filled with delight that it was a frigid 75 degrees and an ultra dry 98% humidity (oh snap!) About .01 into my epic marathon it started to pour. Not one to make excuses I boldly trundled on and after a bit it stopped. At exactly mile 2.2 (and at the other end of town) the skies opened up in a most apocolyptic fashion and it rained so hard that all I could do was spit rain water out of my mouth, leap over large puddles, wish for goggles and those flipper things that swimmers wear and run faster. I almost drowned but in my heart I actually thought it was kinda fun. HAHA weather, you thought you could stop me but you CAN'T! You're my bitch weater, and I'm not scared of you!

July 12, 3 miles, 24:55 pace of 8:08: Thinking that I would capitilize on a cool and fantabulous morning I headed out at the asscrack of dawn. Yes, it was only 66 degrees but it was also a staggering 98% humidity (yeahhhh. nice.) I was dripping an unreasonable amount of sweat and felt irratated by it. Also I was bombarded by a swarm of angry/insane deer flies who kept biting my bod and drinking all my blood. Effing vampires.

July 14, 4 miles, 34:00 pace of 8:30: UGH, my list of excuses was running rampant. I indulged and made a mental list of my whingings while running my first mile. Reasons why I am feeling like a 100 year old out of shape hippo today: It is very hot again and I'm all sticky and crabby. I don't think I've had enough to drink or eat today. I have only run a mile and the sweat is getting in my eyes. I don't like this song on my ipod and don't feel like changing it. I'm so grumpy that the way by butt is jiggling is really pissing me off! Let's call the whaaaaambulance and whine-one one!
I got over it, but only becasue I could not stand the thought of doing half a run and having to waste the water to wash my sweaty ass clothes that had only had half a workout. Interesting and completely sound logic!
Some days running is hard.

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