Friday, July 16, 2010

The one about the new shoes...

After pounding out a couple months worth of miles in my 5 year old, broken down New Balance trail runners (previously used for many miles of waitressing) I decided it was high time to procure a pair of actual running shoes. Not only was my ankle still quite sore from falling down a hill but my feet felt blah in general. I don't enjoy having blah feet.
The Huz and I made a pilgrimage to the (my State's name) Running Company, a store that previously would have filled me with dread and/or boredom to the MAX to enter. But now I was a fabulous runner! I was excited (for real, for real) and only a little nervous that they would tell me that I had severely ugly feet or similar.

As it turned out the process was quick and painless. My gait and feet appeared to be normal (and I was filled with pride that I could finally claim "normal" on my taxes and other legal documents...) I tried on 100,000 pairs of shoes because I am a girl and so I can. HAH. (At this my very tolerant huz decided to pass on the shoe fashion show and head down the road to do some boring man shopping. Smart move.)
I was surprised that they put me in a show one full size larger than I was used to which gave me a scary Ronald McDonald feeling at first (the freakishly big feet, not the red nose, hair or desire to peddle burgers. I'm just sayin'.) They insisted that it was what I needed and that I would be happy in the end,.

After much hemming and hawing between the Silver Superhero shoes that would be (based on looks alone) enough to propel me towards a finish line OR the Boring Blue & White shoes that were oh-so dull to look at but (based on feelings alone) would make my feet both happy and fast. In the end my practical nature won (AGGHH! How BORING) and the Blue Brooks won out. I was happy to invest the $130 in them because it was time, the old shoes had payed their dues and my ankles and nasty old feet were sick of suffering. Not to mention that footwear in my other line of work/sport runs around $600- I felt that I was getting away with something!
I took the little buggers out for a test run and was nervous because they seemed a bit long in the toe. I called my Sister, all nervous that I was going to have to use the 21 day return policy. "You'll be fine" she said with supreme authority "You'll appreciate them in the summer or on long runs when your feet swell." I listened to her and have since discovered that I do indeed appreciate them when my feet swell all sexy-like. YEAH!

Not to mention the obvious fact that I appreciate the shoes because they made me so much more comfortable that I was finally able to run faster and longer.
Only I can make a story of shoe shopping so gosh darn exciting....

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