Saturday, July 17, 2010

The first race is sneaking up on me....

As my debut race came looming at me (like a mack truck, really) I decided to set some personal goals. I'm not a big one for writing goal lists, cheery personal affirmations, or anything that has to do with team leadership or motivation. All of the above make me roll my eyes like the jerk face that I am. My strategy is to take up less time with wishful thoughts "everyone is a winner!" "You have already won by putting one foot out the door!" and just getting the heck out and, ya know, doing stuff.

However, I felt that I had gotten myself into a situation that merited some cheery little pick-me-up notes stuck to my bathroom mirror (not really.) While laboring over the details of my work day I mulled over what I wanted to accomplish and made a mental and splendid goals list:

1: Finish

Then I crossed that out. Clearly I would finish! I never don't finish something that I start! (unless it really sucks, like step aerobics, then I quit uber fast.) I would finish even if I had to drag my partially lifeless bod over the finish line.

1: Don't get last.

I almost crossed that out as well but concluded that it was legit. I did not want to finish last. The thought made me break out into hives and a cold sweat. At the same time!

2: Do not vomit on self, on other people, or at all, preferably.

I kept that one, no doubt. I tend to get a bit upset in the stomach now and then.... It's a problem.

3: Finish in a time that does not make me want to shoot myself in the feet with rusty arrows. Like, 27 minutes. That sounds perfectly reasonable.

My list looked good and I was filled with confidence in my ability to bang out 3.1 miles, even though I had yet to do so in my training runs. HAH! Who needs preparation?

The one thought in my mind was a time at a competition years ago (in my real sport) with my best friend. She said the wise words "Just go out there and get it over with, already, so that we can have a BEER!!" Wiser words for never spoken, and that of all things seemed like a good pre-race mantra....

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